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Saturday, 09 December 2017 14:27



LIFE’S INSPIRATIONS: “… Jesus replied… ‘For this reason a man will leave his father and mother and be united to his wife, and the two will become one flesh.’ So they are no longer two, but one flesh. Therefore what God has joined together, let no one separate’….” (Mark 10:7-9, the Holy Bible).


FOR BEBOT: WHY NOT JUST OUTLAW MARRIAGES IN RP? If the objective of House Speaker Pantaleon Alvarez Jr. in his proposed law seeking to speed up the annulment of marriages in the Philippines is to allegedly help people who are having problems with their spouses, I think I have a better suggestion for him and his allies in the Duterte government.

Why don’t they just simply remove or outlaw the institution of marriage among Filipinos through a law that would officially and formally permit the living together of a man and a woman even if they were not legally married in a church, or by a mayor, or by a judge?

That way, Speaker Alvarez, there wouldn’t be any need anymore for anyone to file a case for annulment, and spend precious pesos for lawyers, just to set aside their marriages. For as long as the unmarried husband and the wife would agree to separate, there would no longer be any stumbling block to their separation, since they were not married in the first place.


WHAT DOES MARITAL SEPARATION MEAN FOR THE FAMILY? What is more, if Alvarez and his cohorts who seem to be against the sanctity of marriage in the Philippines would be able to come up with a law that would legally permit men and women enamored with one another to simply enter into live-in relationships, why, that would even solve the long festering problem of illegitimate children, or the “bastardos” or “bastardas” in the vernacular.

If there is no longer any requirement for a man and woman to marry, all of their offspring would now become legally legitimate. Each and every child would already be vested with equal rights, with the capacity to use the surnames of their fathers, if they are so minded, no longer needing to file any prior judicial action to compel recognition.

But, what would this kind of a system where there are no more marriages, or where annulments have become easier to secure, mean for the Filipino family? Would this not push all the more the destruction not only of the Filipino family but of the entire Filipino race as well, on account of the easier way by which our countrymen can turn their back on their duties and responsibilities as married men and women?


THE DEVIL IS THE ARCHITECH OF MARITAL SEPARATION: As I see it, the need to annul a marriage arises if the couple fails or refuses to uphold their bounden duties towards one another, towards their children, and towards the Filipino society as a whole. Couples separate because they no longer value their togetherness and unity, and family no longer holds any meaning for them.

But this was not the way of life that Filipinos grew up with. This was not the teaching that we received as Christian believers. If we are professing our faith in Jesus, we know that we cannot allow what God has put together—mainly, the man and woman who became husband and wife—to separate, according to His command. Indeed, it is not the will of Jesus that husbands and wives divorce. This is the command of the devil.

The devil abhors a strong marital union and relationship, because this marital strength gives rise to godly and therefore righteous members of the family. The devil would like the couple to separate because it would then be easier to bring them to adultery and concubinage, and for their children to be drawn to destructive vices that lead them to hell. We should stop this, my friends!


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