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Sunday, 10 December 2017 14:15



LIFE’S INSPIRATIONS: “… The angel went to her and said, `Greetings (Mary), you who are highly favored! The Lord is with you’…” (Luke 1: 28, the Holy Bible).


“IMMACULATE CONCEPTION”: IS IT IN THE BIBLE? My profuse apologies to my relatives, friends, and acquaintances who commemorated on December 08 the “immaculate conception”, or the supposed conception without sin of Mary, the mother of Jesus, but may I be enlightened as to what part  or parts of the Bible that pertain/s to this phenomenon?

I am aware that, based on the Bible, Mary is indeed a highly special woman. In fact, her coming here on earth and the importance of such an event was proclaimed right in the very first book of the Bible, in Genesis, particularly its Chapter 3, Verse 15. Then, it was also proclaimed that she would be the “vessel” which God will use, as it were, in coming to earth, too, in the form and likeness of man, to receive in Himself the punishment for man’s sinfulness.

On top of all these, Mary was the virgin that conceived and gave birth to a “baby boy” who was called the “Mighty God, Everlasting Father”. In the New Testament of the Bible, she was the woman to whom the angel, Gabriel, announced that she was the chosen one who will give birth to Jesus, our God and Savior, who is God the Father, Son, and Holy Spirit.


MARY, MOTHER OF JESUS, A SPECIAL WOMAN: In the other parts of the Bible, it was Mary who managed to prompt Jesus to perform His first ever miracle that showed He indeed is the God and Savior, through the miracle of the water that was turned to wine in a marriage in Cana. This installed Mary as the mediatrix between man and Jesus.

Yes, Mary is truly awesome. But, if we consider the important verses in the Bible about her, it would be clear from them that Mary is said to belong to the line of David, and that she was the cousin of Elizabeth wife of Zechariah, the parents of John the Baptist. This would mean she belonged to the human race, and is therefore very much human.

Now, if she was human, it wouldn’t be possible that she is free from sin, based on what God the Father said in Genesis 6:5-7 and in Romans 3:23. According to these verses, God Himself saw the sinfulness of humans, prompting Him to regret having created man. Man is sinful, even from the point of view of God.


MAY IS NOT HUMAN? There is a big problem in this kind of a perception, because if Mary truly belonged to the human race, she could not be without sin. And if she somehow was tainted by sin, we cannot help but think that the “baby boy” she conceived and gave birth to, the Lord Jesus, would also be tainted with sin. This cannot be a true doctrine in any way.

How then can we explain Mary’s supposed status as “sinless” without resorting to the doctrine of “immaculate conception”? From my view, the better way to explain this, which is also based on the Bible, is this: Mary was not a human being, and thus is not tainted by man’s sinfulness.

Well, if Mary is not human, what or who is she? My readings tend to show that she was one of the “sinless” “children of God who, according to Genesis 6 of the Bible, went down directly from heaven and came to earth, with the express purpose of being “used as the vessel” by which God the Father would Himself come down to earth, in His appointed time. We have more of this next time, God willing.


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