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Wednesday, 20 December 2017 14:03



LIFE’S INSPIRATION: “…For God so loved the world He Himself came down to earth from heaven, in the form of man with flesh and blood and accepted in Himself the penalty of man’s sinfulness, so that whoever accepts and receives Him as God and Savior, Father, Son, and Holy Spirit, will not perish,  will have eternal life, and will be given the right to become a child of God…” (John 3:16, The Sole Way Bible).


THE DEVIL WAS IN CONTROL OF THE KILLERS OF THREE KIDS IN CALOOCAN CITY: The devil unmistakably was in control over the people who murdered three youngsters by slitting their throats in Caloocan City last month. Without any doubt, no person in his right mind would ever kill his fellow human beings in such a gruesome and barbaric manner.

On the other hand, it has been prophesied that, and warnings were already aired about, the devil controlling the minds of many people. These prophecies and warnings claimed that, during the end times, people will leave their faith in God and would instead follow and obey false doctrines and teachings taught by the devil.

There were also warnings about the sinfulness of man everywhere. Their fear and love of God would desert them, and many would be disrespectful and disobedient to their parents, their elders, and the authorities. Many will become lovers of evil, not of good, and would relentlessly indulge in pleasures of the flesh.


MAN, NATURALLY DISOBEDIENT TO COMMANDS: In fairness, the truth be told that man has been this sinful even in olden times. According to what has been written, sinfulness has become the nature of man, becoming disobedient, even of God’s commands. I guess we all know that even God regretted His having created man, on account of his irrepressible tendency to become sinful.

I am certain that if we can have the chance to ask the slit-throat murderers of the three Caloocan City youngsters who were killed just last month, they will unabashedly claim that the deceased kids could blame no one else for the heinous crime committed against them but themselves. And they could be right, or they could be wrong.

The only point I wish to make is that, people everywhere have now descended irretrievably towards animalistic and devilish behavior. If they were already sinful beforehand, their present-day counterparts have become more evil nowadays as the world is nearing its end. As it were, it is clear that the devil is working double time to make sure he can bring more souls to hell.


CHRISTMAS IS MEANINGLESS IF…: How has God reacted to man’s sinfulness? At first, He reacted with anger, and He decided to end the human race by water, through the great flood. But He also regretted having done this,  compelling Him to promise not to obliterate mankind again.

That is the reason why, at some point, He decided that He Himself would come down to earth from heaven, in the form of man, with flesh and blood, and willingly accepted the punishment that man should be receiving for his sins. This is the rationale for Christmas—to give forgiveness to all men, provided they fulfill one condition.

What is this condition that man must fulfill? We have to believe and have faith that God, whose Name is Jesus, came down to earth from heaven in the form of man. Then, we have to repent for our sins, and start obeying sincerely His commands. If we will not comply with this condition, Christmas would be meaningless for us, in this life,  and in the life hereafter.


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