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Thursday, 21 December 2017 15:13



LIFE’S INSPIRATIONS: “…Therefore Jesus said again, `Very truly I tell you, I am the gate for the sheep…  I have come that they may have life, and have it to the full’...” (John 10:7, 10, the Holy Bible).


CAN FILIPINOS STILL BE MERRY THIS CHRISTMAS 2017? Can Filipinos still greet one another “Merry Christmas, Happy New Year” in the face of the calamities and tragedies that struck them this 2017? Indeed, many died from typhoons that came even if it is already December (the month which, from my younger days in Tarlac, was certified typhoon-free already), and from increasingly gruesome and unsolved murders across the country.

What is more, becoming rude and unruly and possessing a grossly defective character on the part of many Filipinos, which was highlighted by the recent incident of a woman matter-of-factly slapping a driver in public, in the middle of a busy road yet due to a very minor traffic altercation, is a fact of life that can no longer be denied or hidden under the rug nowadays.

And, even supposedly-lofty government officials continue to be shamelessly engaged in endless brawls, just like the recent verbal tussle between two top officials of the Philippine Charity Sweepstakes Office, on the matter of “small town lottery”, a numbers game, being illegally operated. Capping all of these, of course, was President Duterte’s statement he is in favor of same sex marriages in the Philippines.


MANY FILIPINOS STILL FACE A DARK FUTURE: We should not forget likewise the controversy hounding opposing groups on the projected increase of prices of basic commodities this coming new year, on account of the recently-approved tax reform law. So, the question really is, can Filipinos still say they will be merry this Christmas 2017, and that their new year in 2018 would still be prosperous and happy?

As I see it, the Philippines and all Filipinos would face gargantuan problems as the new year ushers itself in. For one, despite the fierce and deadly campaign against illegal drugs and shabu of the Duterte government, it cannot be denied that trading and pushing or peddling of drugs continue to be a nationwide phenomenon. This is the reason why the future continues to look dark and grim, as well as foreboding, for many of our countrymen.

Indeed, if there were people linked to drugs who have been “neutralized” and killed as of now, new replacements have come as fast as the batting of an eyelash. If we are to believe reports that are circulating hereabouts, these new drugs bosses are more ruthless and far greedier than the liquidated drug lords or couriers. This is why many believe that no change has really come on the issue of drugs.


FILIPINOS DESCENDING TO SINFULNESS NON-STOP: If we add to the ongoing problem of drugs the unending and unceasing descent of Filipinos towards personal sinfulness which is even carried over by them to their official duties and responsibilities if they get appointed to government, it would become very clear that nothing truly changed in the country by the advent—and, after six years, by the end—of the Duterte government.

Is there still a solution? Yes there is, but it would require a truly dedicated action, starting Christmas 2017. To all who truly are believers in God who will commemorate once more His birth in the form of man this year, we can start real change. Change that is not dependent on one man or one group alone, but on God. We must do this by changing our minds, or the way we think.

It is a fact that the mind is the entry of point of evil for any person, and this is particularly true for the mind of an individual who has no knowledge of the Word and commands of God. In order for us to fight off the evil one, we must endeavor to fill up our minds with the Word of God from the Bible (or even from the holy books of other groups), committing ourselves to obey the commands written therein. This will certainly change our lives for the better!


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