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Wednesday, 27 December 2017 15:14



LIFE’S INSPIRATIONS: “…If you will only listen to the Lord your God and obey His commands… He will set you high among all the nations on earth. All of these blessings will come upon you, if you will only listen to the Lord your God and obey His commands…” (Deuteronomy 28:1-2, the Holy Bible).


DECEMBER: MONTH OF DEATH AND DESTRUCTION IN MINDANO: Are you also noticing that the month of December, which is traditionally the period of Christmas festivities for Filipino Christians, is fast becoming to be a month of strong rains, devastating floods, and destructive winds in Mindanao? The number of Filipino  fatalities from these calamities is truly no longer a joke.

As well, the value of properties and crops that are destroyed when typhoons ravage the Southern Philippine regions is also no peanuts, as the recent examples of Typhoon Urduja and Typhoon Vinta have shown. In all these, however, what appears to be the more serious problem of many in our country is their continuing disregard of an important angle in the rains, floods, and winds hitting our nation.

As I see it, the coming of tragedies arising from environmental destruction, in the Philippines and in the whole world, can no longer be prevented. However, there is a remedy to either avoiding or minimizing the usual death and destruction from these calamities, if we will only pay attention to the spiritual angle in all these. What is the spiritual angle of typhoons? Call me and let’s discuss this more furiously.


OBLIGATIONS OF POLICEMEN UNDER R.A. 7438 (I): In view of the continuing (albeit increasing) incidences of serious violations of the rights of the poor and marginalized Filipinos in the hands of authorities—police, soldiers, or other law enforcement officers in the country—it would be well for our coun