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Saturday, 10 February 2018 11:44


BY Betty A. Elago


Have you ever heard of “Let’s Start with Abc?” This is an organization, founded by a German National by the name of Norbert Holter, who visited our beautiful City of Zamboanga in 2006. While he was here, he noticed the condition of our poor students in Bolong, where his girlfriend Jocelyn Sczepanski lives.. This is the time where thru his own initiative, thought of helping our poor student! Right then and there, he bought notebooks, paper pads, pencils, to be distributed to the Bolong students the next day. This was the time that Let’s Start with ABC was born.

When he went back to Germany he related to his friends and acquaintances about the poor conditions of our poor students whom he said, some couldn’t even read and write. He got the sympathy of his friends and acquaintances,who promised to help him continue what he has started. A dentist friend of his.Dr.StefanNeukirchen, who donates every year thru his dental practice’  by selling the dental gold he removes from his patientsmouth, and sells it and donates the proceeds to help the organization “Let’s Start The ABC!”

He named some of his sponsors, and they are the following: Dr. Ulrich Grebhofer, Ruhzein Anne Daisog, Maria Goldstein Angel Daisod, Wolfg Max Kracht, JulmaDammang, SahraInsani, Rudi Anderlitschek, Angel Yutuc, MareikeBaumert,,Lissy Driver, Jenny Ariola, and other many others! Twenty six of these sponsors have offered to give scholarships to 26 students in Manicahan. Students from our Barangays like Bolong, Manicahan, Tugbungan and Pasonanca, who benefits school supplies, clothes, and food from the hard work of Mr.Holter

One patron of Mr. Norbert Holter is a half German and Filipino breed by the name of Katharina Lehnert, a professional tennis player. Who leads the Tennis Ntional Team of the ladies of the Philippines. He added that my son Vincent Paul, had also participated in some handover ceremonies representing him. I understand Vp passed a resolution of his endeavors in the City Council when he was still a Councilor, and he is thankful of this recognition! He mentioned the names of some teachers, but I guess, when they read this column, I’ll thank them for helping Mr.Holter

Dear folks, if a foreigner in the person of Norbert Holter can extend help to our poor student, perhaps those who are well off can do the same thing by extending their financial help too, and join hands with Mr, Holter. In supporting our indigent students! In behalf of our Publisher, Mr.Alfred Lim and Family, the staff of Daily Zamboanga Times, Yours truly, we thank you Mr. Norbert Holter for your kind endeavours, and wish you more power and luck!