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Wednesday, 14 February 2018 14:27


BY Betty A. Elago

Have we ever thought even for a moment how important our health is to us, and took it seriously? I guess only a handful of us can honestly admit that we do!! I had been like that too, unmindful of my health because I felt strong and healthy and active with my day to day life. For sports, I played pelota with a group of matrons at the Salvador Pelota Court in Sta. Maria, but I guess it has been put down to be used for business, since pelota has died down. Then I started to play tennis at the EAAB Tennis Court, and I also had a group there like Sandy Alano (Rip), Marcia and Mona Arpa, MilabelOcampo, Ester Orendain, Annie Zabala, Rose Julian ( our Champ), and many others!

So I never thought I would suffer a heart disease. I ate just anything from pork adobo, lechon, dinuguan, since I don’t like fish so much. I was diagnosed to have diabetes, and hi blood, but I still continued my life style except that I stopped playing tennis, ‘coz I knew my limits. I noticed that my heart keeps pumping hard when I was in the tennis court. I guess it was just on time for me to have had stopped or else I would have died of a heart attack long time ago. A fellow tennis player, Col. Dave Reyes just joined our creator last week, and was buried days ago only. He also succumb to a heart attack. To Vangie, who formerly worked in City Hall….My deepest and sincere sympathy to you and children!

Again, from Fb, I have six important tips to give you so that you can all be cautious of your health, and they are as follows:

1) Don’t take your medicines with cold water

2) Don’t eat heavy meals after 5pm.

3) Drink more water in the morning, than in the night time

4) Best sleeping time is from 10pm to 6am.

5) Don’t lie down right away after meals

6) Answer your calls on your left ears

That’s it folks, I hope you’ll all be conscious of your health. There’s a quotation that say “Health is Wealth!” Just imagine when someone is sick in the family, big expenses incur for medicines, doctors, and hospitalizations, which will really put a hole in your pockets! Take it from me!  When I had my heart bypass last April 2017, my children chipped in to raise the amount of my operation. One person helped too, but he does not want his name to be mentioned! But thru this article, allow me to thank you very much!