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Thursday, 15 February 2018 13:25


BY Betty A. Elago

I have a beautifull friend, inside and out, when I was in college ( Former Zaec and now UZ ), and she was my seatmate in some subjects.. She was already married and having kids, but she still tried to continue her studies, to finish her BSE degree. I’ve lost touch with her when I graduated and got married. However, thru facebook, we now are able to contact each other by sending messages thru messenger in facebook!

Today, she sent me this….What is This Life? It caught my attention and read it further. It’s long, but the contents got me interested so I continued on reading.

I hope you too my friends will read it in this column of mine. I’ve shared this already among my contacts in fb, and am sharing this to all of you, that perhaps you’ll realize what Life really is! No author had been mentioned, but am still including it in my column!

What is this life?......A man is born today, tomorrow, biography has been read on him!. A man eats whatever he wanrs today, but tomorrow, he becomes food for insects! A man works early for today, tomorrow, he is termed late! A man is seen resting, tomorrow he is resting in his coffin, and they say “Rest in Peace!” A man eats all kinds of fruits in his house today, but tomorrow he becomes manure to those tree! A man is known to be the richest today, but tomorrow, he doesn’t know where, or what will happen to his riches!

What is this life after all? You may not see tomorrow, so plan your life well. And you won’t be afraid of anything! We should all act right and live Godly, and always be a helping hand to others! I dedicate this column to all my fellow Catholics, Muslims and Evangelists. And thank you to my beautiful friend Lydia Horelleno for this beautiful script, who now lives happily in the US.

By the way, I shortened this because I know you’re all busy celebrating Valentine’s Day! Belated Happy Valentine’s Day To All! En Chabacano…..Feliz Dia de Valentino con todos vosotros!

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