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Saturday, 17 February 2018 13:41


Good morning folks! Let us begin our morning by thanking our Almighty Lord for adding another fruitful day to us by doing good deeds when we have the chance I’d experience.

My topic for today is hazing, because as a mother, I know how it feels when a son undergoes a hazing session because I have two sons who joined a fraternity, and the initiation they underwent! One day. When I day, when I left our bedroom, I saw our youngest son seated in front, and I guess he was studying. Then when I was about to enter in the dining room, four of our children were seated on the round dining table and were talking about their younger brother of whom I just saw coming out of the room. I asked them what they were talking about. They said something about wounds, and to go and see their brother. So I immediately approached my son and told him to show me, so he showed me the wounds and bruises on his buttocks and on his lap and the belt marks on his back, mama mia, I almost fainted because they were big ones and they were oozing with pus.

I was trembling with anger, and I right away told his dad to take him to Doctor’s Hospital. Even the doctor and the nurses who attended to him were shocked with what they saw. They advised his dad to report it to the Police Station to complain, but our son refused. Another son of ours was also a member of the same fraternity, advised us not to do so because it will be endangering his life!  As a mother, I was not convinced, so I called up the school Administrator and related and I was advised to go to the person who was the disciplinarian of students. I related to him the incident. He said he was going to investigate. Whatever the outcome of his investigation, we were not informed about it.

However his wounds were infected and we spent almost 5k for antibiotics, ointments, sufratulles, (that won’t stick on his wounds every time we changed the dressings). He still attended his classes in spite of the pain he was suffering, when he came home, his pants were wet halfway all the time, and mind you, he limped when he walks. I now remember when this fraternity had their initiation. It was on a Sunday, our son left early in the morning, didn’t come home the whole day, but late in the afternoon, I was in my garden, I saw a tricycle stopped by the gate and my son came down accompanied by a friend, but his friend left with the tricycle. I noticed that something was wrong, he looked like he was so tired, and appeared like a wet duck. The next day I learned he went to an uncle and this uncle of his advised him to bathe his body in the beach, to avoid infection, but we now know what really happened!

Folks, ‘am relating to you this Hazing story, so that you too can be on your watch out for your children, because our children are usually very secretive, and we don’t know what is happening when they are out of our sight! We should all be happy that the House of Senate will be passing the Anti Hazing Law which is now near to completion! Our deepest sympathy to all parents who have had lost their children in Hazing sessions. Thank you and God bless us all!