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Sunday, 18 February 2018 15:34


BY Betty A. Elago

We have different kinds of snakes that glides only. But the most poisonous ones are the cobras! I’ve seen a lot of snakes of different kinds and colours at the Bush Garden in Tampa, Florida. I got scared a little, but because they were encased inside a glass cage, my nerves calmed down!

My mom related to me that when I was born in Calabasa, Curuan, in a nipa hut, mom said a big snake was staring at us as if it wanted to eat us. She shouted for help, and my uncles came to rescue us with bolos in their hands, and killed the snake.An old person with them said they shouldn’t have killed it coz it’s a sign of good luck! Oh my, my, if they haven’t killed it, I wouldn’t be here right now writing my thoughts down hehe, coz it could have gulped us down its tummy.

Years back, I was still around twelve years old, our parents left us in our farm in Ichoc, Curuan, with our uncle and his wife, who was managing it. They went back andfourth to Manila to collect Papa’s Veteran benefits because he was a guerilla during the Japanese occupation. One day. My two older brothers and me played near a jackfruit tree .My brothers gathered some dry coconut palms and pretended it was a jeepney and we would ride on it and slide down because the jackfruit was located on a hilltop, and we enjoyed repeating it, but suddenly my brother saw a meter long black and yellow snake that he almost stepped on that scared us, he ran and called our uncle and he killed it! It was a poisonous snake. Because of that incident, I am really scared of snakes.

Remember somewhere in the eighties, blackout was also rampant those days. So one blackout night, I heard one of my daughter shouted in fear….she was able to step on a slimy snake in our living room! Our boy helper tried looking for it and It was able to ran away. I guess putting plants inside the house isn’t advisable unless we check the pots first, ‘coz a snake can hide in it. By the way, avoid slimy people too. Don’t you know that there are people who can besnakes too, because  like snakes who changes skin every now and then, some people are like that too, they have dualpersonalities, they can change their personalities every now and then when it suits them. This is just apersonal impression of mine. However, I’ll leave it toyou if you think I am right or wrong, teehee!