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Sunday, 25 February 2018 15:51


Let’s all change our attitude in life! Being negative will always bring us bad luck! If we think positive, nothing is impossible! Personally, I don’t like the manana or the cogon system. This runs true only with lazy people who love to do things and wait for tomorrow, when they can do it at that moment, a custom of ours which is so disgusting!

Set our minds to do something good and you will succeed as long as it’s for the good of our family. There’s an advantage when we think positive, as nothing is impossible, as long as you do things in the proper way because if you do things in the wrong way, it will boomerang on you! Yes, you can be positive even if you do illegal things, but think of what will happen to you when the truth comes out, yes, perhaps you can get away from your wicked ways temporarily, but we are all aware of karma! What we do, whether it’s bad or good, it goes back to us, because God rewards the good, and punish the wicked ones!i, If I want to do something, I do it asap. My children would always tell me not to do this or that so that I won’t be stressed, but with my hard headedness, I still do what I want to do! I travelled 5 to 6 hours to Pagadian City, and stayed with my daughter three nights and four days and I got positive results over there, and at the same time, I enjoyed the company of my daughter Margie, and her husband Raul. My grandchildren were not around, attending a big wedding in Laguna, but arrived before I left the next day.

Now going back to think positive, let’s do it no matter how hard it is, If we fail for the first time, try and try again, until we succeed! We should set our minds to something we want to do, and there must be a strong determination for us to go through, in order to reach our goal!