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Monday, 26 February 2018 15:10



LIFE’S INSPIRATIONS: “…`And the truth shall set you free’…” (Jesus, our God and Savior, in John 8:32, the Holy Bible).


EVEN FLIES AND PESTS REFUSED TO JOIN EDSA 2018:  I am sure it will no longer surprise anyone if only flies and pests cared to attend the 32nd commemoration of the 1986 Philippine power grab this week. In fact, no one may dare anymore to contest if I assert here that even among flies and pests, not too many of them wanted to flock to the EDSA People Power Monument this 2018.

The reason? Many have already awakened to the truth about what really took place in 1986. Many now know 1986 was not a true revolution of the people, as what had been bandied about by those who profited the most from that misadventure, but a brazen take-over of the presidency masterminded and led by a monstrous foreign power with the help of its local minions who were themselves shamelessly salivating for perks and privileges.

And neither was 1986 for the benefit of the people, as much as it was, in reality, a mere division of spoils for the rich and the powerful who were displaced when martial law was imposed by then President Marcos, and for yellow political allies who for the longest time ever were mere lap-dogs licking the dung-filled asses of their foreign masters to gain their favor.


EDSA, DEATH OF DEMOCRACY IN THE PHILIPPINES: EDSA 1986 also was the full embodiment of the true demise of democracy in the Philippines, even if its propagandists have been desperately trying to portray it as the return of vital freedoms many of our countrymen allegedly lost during the reign of Marcos. Why am I saying that EDSA 1986 represented the genuine death of democratic processes in the Philippines?

Well, it is because after Americans (who were fired up to oust Marcos at all cost, aided by their Filipino lackeys) finally installed Corazon Cory Aquino in power, many basic legal and human rights of our countrymen were set aside by Cory, including the then existing democratic institutions. Corazon Aquino and her allies vanquished the democratic system of government in place at the time, and instead installed a “revolutionary government”, nonchalantly throwing out the Constitution then in effect.

Exercising dictatorial powers, Cory Aquino subsequently ousted almost all government officials lawfully appointed by her predecessor, even if not one of them were told why they were being removed, and even if they were not given an opportunity to defend themselves before they were removed. Indeed, it was a lot better with Marcos, because somehow he tried to observe the processes mandated by law before he kicked out any of his enemies or political foes.


CORY’S GOV’T WAS HEARTLESS AND WITHOUT COMPASSION: And Cory Aquino’s government was totally heartless, without any compassion. As long as an individual or politician or an official of government was the friend of, or was installed in office by, Marcos when he was still president, he or she was immediately kicked out, just like that.

As in the case of the newspaper Daily Express, for example, Cory dissolved the company that was running it, closed the newspaper itself, and threw out its 300 or so employees on the streets. Many of these employees and their families underwent extreme difficulties because of what Cory did. Unfortunately, she had nothing in mind then but the perception that because Marcos was perceived to be behind the newspaper, it should be remorselessly killed and barred from publishing.

What was more painful, however, was the fact that Filipinos found out much later that Cory’s government was much more corrupt. Many of the government transactions then were under the auspices of the so-called “Kamag-anak, Incorporated” (loosely referring to a group of presidential relatives), including the management and operation of jueteng and other forms of gambling. Many also gave up their lives subsequently after turning around to fight the candidate they rabidly supported in 1986!


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