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Wednesday, 28 February 2018 13:27


BY Betty A. Elago

Thank you to Monsi Guingona David for bringing Mr. John Silva to Zamboanga City, to talk about the Photographic History of Zamboanga and Mindanao, last 26th of February, Dia De Zamboanga! It was a wholesome afternoon at the Carlos Dominguez Conference Hall, LRC Building Eusebio Salvador SJ Campus at Ateneo de Zamboanga University,

Actually he showed us some pictures of the past, some were in black and white and others were coloured pictures. This surprised us, because we know coloured pictures only came out in the modern days of the seventies and eighties. Infact, when I got married in 1966, My wedding pictures were all in black and white. Pictures of Datus and Dayang-Dayangs were all dressed up in full regal attires!  Some Datus were recognized by some in the audience like Datu Piyang, given that name because he limps, Datu Dikidiki, because he was short, and Datu Kiram, and the picture of Princess Tarhata, dressed in modern attire, was also shown. It was mentioned that when she came back from her studies abroad, she had the other wives killed, because she was the first wife! Those individuals who were able to recognize some moro Nobility were awarded a book, like my friend Icelle B, Estrada, who is an Artist and a Historian.

It would have been more interesting, if Mr. Silva touched the beautiful History of Zamboanga City, which I find romantic! I don’t know if the people who were present that afternoon know the love story of Sharif Bunso and a Subanen Princes, Princes Nayac, the beautiful daughter of Chief Timuay, who lived at PulongBato, together with his tribe.  Well, it’s a long story!, but Zamboanga’s History tells us that the first setlers in Zamboanga City were the Subanen tribe!

Monsi G. David promised to give me the names of guests invited that afternoon, but since I recognizes some of them, I’ll mention their name inthis column, The first one I’ll mention is Ms. Petty Benitez Johansen, who is now married to a European, and she is still connected with Diliman University. Next is Kiko Miranda, who is the Director of Arts and Culture at the Ateneo de Zamboanga University, and others are the following: Former Congress woman Lilia Nuno, Oliver Ong, Councilor Kim Elago, Mrs.Nelida Atilano, Tessie P. Herera, Perry Bolodo, Marilou Enriquez, Vitang Guigona, Babuchi Murga, Mrs.Fermin, ( daughter of the late Mayor  Tomas Ferrer),  and Icelle B. Estrada and others

Thank you Monsi for the invitation!