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Thursday, 01 March 2018 11:53


BY Betty A. Elago

Yes, there’s a clamor to bring back prayers in Schools! I do agree with this. When I was a little girl of 5 years old, my mom left me for a while with my aunt who was a dentist, since she had her clinic in Mercedes Building near the Quiapo church in Manila, she enrolled me in a kinder school at the Quiapo Parochial School, located just at the back of Quiapo church. Every morning, when our teacher came in, we greet her good morning and we would make the sign of the cross and pray the Lord’s prayer, one hail May and the sign of the cross, then she would start with….Who made the World, and we answered, God made the World! We did this every morning.

I believe we have to put God in our children’s head, so that they will all become godly, and our Country, or even our World will be a better place to live in! Just imagine what is happening to us nowadays. Parents are so busy making a living to support their children, and I guess most of them don’t have time to teach their children how to pray anymore! Laudable for parents who teach their children how to pray in their homes, but how about other parents. especially the ones living in poor areas where most of delinquent children come from nowadays? Our government should find a solution to this problem.

‘Am aware that our Catholic church teach catechism every summer, but this isn’t enough! I know Private Catholic Schools let their students pray before classes begin in the classroom. I went to school in Pilar College during my high school days, and we prayed in our classrooms before the start of our lessons. I don’t know if they still practice this since they have accepted Muslim students in that school already. How they go about it, I don’t know anymore!

Yes, I do agree in bringing back prayers in schools, a common prayer immaterial of religion, perhaps a student should be made to lead a prayer in every subject, whether he or she is a Christian or a Muslim, not a memorized prayer, but a prayer that comes from his heart and mind! And by doing this, I guess our children will become good citizens, and Irepeat,’ this will make our World a peaceful World to live in!’