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Friday, 02 March 2018 11:56



We are fully aware and grateful to the job performed by the military in fighting the ISIS-Maute rebels in Marawi City. The rebels’ defeat has stop the spread and expansion of their hold in the island of Mindanao.

We’re likewise grateful to President Duterte’s campaign for the military and police to fight the widespread terrorism and criminality in the country. No doubt, the result of his unwavering and steadfast resolve to fight all of these has greatly benefitted our city which was once upon a time rocked by numerous broad daylight killings and terrorist bombings.

With the present and improved peace and order conditions in our city and throughout the country, through the efforts of the military and police, we are disturb by the latest pronouncement made by the AFP Civil Relation Services that forty (40) terrorists have slipped into the country. Its head, Brig. General Bienvenido Datuin, however, said this report is not yet confirmed but they have not yet received any direct terror threat in Metro Manila. He added that they are on red alert for any possible terrorist attacks.

Such pronouncement is highly ridiculous and stupid which only unduly alarm the jittery public. How did the good General got hold of this disturbing news? Who reported it to him? Why made it public when this can’t be confirmed? Fine, they’re performing their job well, but making public this unconfirmed report is a total nonsense.

Instead of trying to show the public that they are doing their job, they should work closely together with the Police and the Coast Guard to guard our country against terrorist attacks.

Just the other day, our Coast Guard has arrested an Egyptian national who was allegedly going to Basilan to purchase a fishing boat. The Coast Guard released him after investigation and after finding him with no criminal record and not a member of any terrorist group. But the military never felt suspicious and dig deeper why he’s going to the land of the Abu Sayyaf with no sufficient money to buy a fishing boat. Now, is this Egyptian national one of those 40 terrorists who accordingly slipped into the country unnoticed and their whereabouts unknown?

President Duterte’s vow to strengthen and modernize the military and police forces to avert threats and fight armed rebels with the end in view of guarding our country and protect freedom and democracy can be fully attained if the military and police will continue performing their mandated tasks and simply stop making those silly pronouncements of unconfirmed news reports.

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