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Sunday, 04 March 2018 15:58


In this World we live in, people shouldn’t be ignorant because things can happen  without our knowledge. So I thought of writing down a few points that can help you one way or the other! To make you aware or conscious, so that you can avoid circumstances to happen in your lives that will give you problems! You can never tell!

1) Don’t buy usurfruct properties! The term usurfruct means enjoying the property or tenements granted by the court according to the horlographic will of a person. If it’s a house, you can’t drive the people living in it nor can you sell the property! This usurfruct ends when the real owner comes homes to live in the property permanently, but not just for a vacation, and this can’t be transferred to another person! I got this from a knowledgeable lawyer!!

2) Parents should be aware of the day to day activities of their children! It is true children are secretive of what they are doing, but parents shouldn’t leave them alone, nor they should be permissive. Many things can happen to your children like having bad friends that can influence them to use or sell drugs in order for them to have extra money to do foolish things.

3) Don’t leave your house maids alone when they do their work around the house because most of them are ignorant, who have gone to school in the elementary grades. By accident, thru their ignorance, they might create a fire to burn your homes, or break your expensive jars and crystals without your knowing it, and the next time you know, they either escape or ask to leave their employment immediately!, you know folk, am telling you this cause it happened to me several times! Next time you know, they will be marring our reputation as bad employers, when all we just want for them is to clean our homes properly and take care of our belongings like their own!

4) What is a scam? Actually, it Is just an idiomatic expression for the word scandal. To tell you the truth, I tried looking for the meaning of scam in the dictionary, but I couldn’t find it. I often hear it from my children telling me that it’s not good to accept friend thru face book ‘coz it’s a scam. Nowadays, there are people making foolish things on facebook. Gays or naughty girls accept friends to make money, to look for lovers, etc. but sometimes, what they don’t know, on the other side of the fence, they also have their own motives! So if you are innocent, you can be a victim of their notorious intentions! So, ladies and gentlemen, be aware of scams, because you too, can be victimized by foreign scammers!

I think folks, I’ve done my part to make you aware of what you should know. So I do my exit for today and hope you’ll all have a good day today!