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Tuesday, 06 March 2018 11:39


It is our attitudes which will always matter, and not our circumstances or even our privileges. It is said that it ain’t our aptitude but our attitude which will always determine our altitude. Thus, it is our response to everything, before us, which will always matter. How do you see your normal routines, your menial jobs and the usual cycles, which you face every day? Those simple attitudesare what I’m pounding. I implore, let us meet our daily mornings with full enthusiasms!

Do you know Joseph the dreamer? His story is scribbled in the earlier chapters of Genesis. He was the eleventh son of Jacob. He was also the dad’s favorite, which later became the very reason of the jealousy and hatred of his other brothers. To make the long story short, the man ended as a poor slave and was later on incarcerated to a crime which he did not commit.

His was indeed a pretty colorful biography. The best characteristic of the man was that he always faced his circumstances with a positive attitude. Though the Bible didn’t mention any instance where Joseph whined or became discouraged, but it is a simple inference, as a human being himself too, that he probably as well faced down moments. You know what I mean friends. Very nice to know, that the young man had that extra ordinary and exceptional good attitude inside his heart, which qualified him for the blessings.

Things did not turn to be favorable for him overnight. He had to go through the molding process. Notwithstanding, he maintained his positive attitude in a daily manner. One night, he gave interpretations to his cellmates’ dreams. They were the Pharaoh’s cup-bearer and baker. Here, we can see the strong determination of the man, by requesting them not to forget him, when the Lord would lift them up again.

Well, anyways he was still forgotten by the ungrateful cup-bearer;the baker was beheaded. But God did not forget Joseph! Unknown to the young man though that God almighty had already slotted his determined perfect time in the future. In like manner, we also have our own perfect time—to promotions, blessings, and breakthroughs. We only should know how to ready ourselves, by maintaining a positive attitude.

Extra ordinary days do only come on rare times. However, our daily trivial days, when combined together, are the very preparations of the former. Great men in history were also born on ordinary days, but their daily growths were their earlier preparations to where they were destined to be. Believe me, this principle is a universal law.

Whiners are not synonymous to winners. The patient and the hard-working people are! Farmers know this law very much. Hence, they patiently attend their crops daily. You know why,simply because on a determined day the harvest will surely come. “He who observes the wind will not sow, and he who regards the clouds will not reap.” (Eccles. 11:4, ESV)

Success is a product of an accumulated sacrifice. If it is a pyramid, success is the tip while the countless of sacrifices are the base down below. Such is also similar to an iceberg. We understand these truths, though the Philippines is situated in a tropical country. The submerged ice is bigger than the exposed one.

That scene in the movieTitanic—when the ship hit the iceberg, such was very dramatic. The exposed iceberg was only relatively small, as compared to the gigantic submerged one. Rick Warren, in his bestseller book ThePurpose Driven Church, calls this particular truth as FOUNDATION.

When engineers build bigger buildings, they first secure the foundation. To how tall or big be their edifice is also the actual basis to the strength of their foundation. In fact, builders give their more serious investments to the foundation than in the actual high-rise. Because underestimating the extreme need of the foundation will definitely cost the whole building, comes any tragedy,which by the way will also surely come!

Earthquakes now and then happen diversely in Asia. Few years ago, there were those times that older houses or buildings in China and elsewhere fell the easiest, even on a slower intensity earthquake. The reason, those same houses were only made of bricks, no foundation down below were laid. Thus, when the real test of nature came, they easily succumbed and collapsed.

Let us love our daily routines. You meet them with equal vigor every morning. If your boss is not that nice to you, continue to perform your duties well. Do it not for him but for yourself. Yes, in maintaining a good attitude, you actually are not giving the benefits to others, but to your own self.

To students, give the best of your perusal to your studies. Your parents may be that strict now to you, as not to involve to any relationship. Encourage yourself that they are doing such for your future. Plant your seeds of sacrifice today, because your definite tomorrow will also give you the good harvest! God bless you.