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Friday, 09 March 2018 11:50


BY Berlie G. Yap

“Then the LORD God formed the man of dust from the ground and breathed into his nostrils the breath of life, and the man became a LIVING CREATURE.” (Gen. 2:7, ESV)

God did not create man as a useless puppet, which does not have a mind of its own. In fact, what made him totally distinct from the animals is that: God gave him a mind and a heart. In the Bible, the heart and the mind is the human soul. It is in the recesses of our souls where our free-will lies. Man is a free moral agent. He is not a robot that God may just push a button to program him to bid what He wants.

When man says no to God, the latter cannot insist for his will to happen. The Creator respects our decisions, whetherthey are good or detrimental to us. God is a gentle person. He always knocks and waits that we open our hearts to invite him in. Unlike to the devil, who always does the opposite by pushing his way to steal, kill and destroy our lives!

he same free-will faculty manifests in a pretty obvious nitty-gritty actions in our day to daywalk. You may ask why evil abounds if there is a God! I think the answer is: the question is directed to the wrong person. First, God is not the author of evil in the world. Evil is the product of sin. Sin has depraved the human mind so that it can invent all forms of evil to hurt others.

Evil exists in the world not because God is not aware— or worse, He does not prevent it to happen.Butinstead, men all over the world use their free-will to rebel against the moral laws of God. Think about the series of rapes in our City recently. Think about it: how can any normal man abuse young children and even do it inside his home! Obviously, the actor had used his mind faculty,in his own volition and without the interference of any outside forces, to commit the crime.

The human will is so sacred that God cannot cross to its boundary. But man may use also his own free-will to obey his Creator. Anytime we remain honest or walk in love, we actually use our will to glorify God, even if we do not yell now and then praise the Lord! Living a life to please God is not a religious stuff where one will have to be outwardly noticeable that he follows God. Such is instead the condition of our hearts!

It behooves us to surrender our will to the Father every day. When we do so, God can come in to lead and guide us. The ways of the Lord is always perfect. God doesn’t lead to harm us. His guidance does always carry blessings, success, peace, prosperity and protection. Hence, if all men in the world may use their free-will to obey God, we shall have total peace everywhere.

Personally, it raises me concerns for our children. In a difference of five days four minors were sexually abused by public transportation drivers. The worst was two days ago, last Wednesday—a case of abduction with rape was lodged by the parents of the victims, against the perpetrator in Tetuan Police Station.

The story is pretty appalling; the minors were abducted by a habal-habaldriver, were brought to his own house, and there had been repeatedly raped. The man abducted two children, and each of them he raped several times, for two days. If you are also a parent, you would feel a similar emotion which the real parents of the victims are feeling now.

Then the big question: how in the world the man was able to do it? After all, he also has the same conscience which you and I have. Did he not feel any goose bumps when he abused the victims? At least such may easily stop him to destroy the lives of those pitiful children. But again, as what we discussed above, the man did voluntarily use his free-will to do it.

Maybe for years the man is already hooked to pornography and thus had reduced his morality to a twisted one. Because according to the police, the man has already an earlier record of rape few months ago. It means that his recent acts were not anymore an isolated one. He has already a degree of callousness in his heart.

I exhort us all to use our free-will to live a clean life. The world is a beautiful to live in. You and I have greater possibilities ahead. Let us use our opportunities not to destroy ourselves. Choose the higher way of morality. To obey the commandments of God is not hard. Besides, by doing them it guarantees us God’s protection and a life of peace.

Remember, every evil a man may do has a corresponding consequence. Some evil may right away produce an immediate consequence. But there are those whose results may tarry for a while, yet all wrongs have their own wages. “For the wages of sin is death, but the free gift of God is eternal life in Christ Jesus our Lord.” (Rom. 6:23, ESV)

God bless you. (Please text for your comments and reactions to 0936-526-8769.)