Red tape or delay no more PDF Print E-mail
Saturday, 10 March 2018 13:05


BY Jack Edward Enriquez

When common residents in the outskirts need the services or an assistance from a particular government office or agency, surely it will require strenuous efforts as well as incur superfluous expenses in order to be able to get what’s urgently needed. In applying for a job or any assistance or getting a permit, a clearance or any certification usually the poor applicant or client would have to bear the sluggish attitude of civil servants, the delay or so- called red tape, sort of fixing and bribery or plain mulcting to the extend of extortion.

Those were the dismaying experiences of many of our fellowmen in the grassroot level when it comes to availing of any services or assistance from a public agency.

When President Rodrigo R. Duterte came into power in 2016, he declared publicly that his campaign promised will be fulfilled by all means - that all public offices shall be open to serve the general public especially those in in the marginalized sector without extra effort and cost.

As of this writing, a semblance of change can be seen in many government offices as far as how the ordinary constituents are accommodated and entertained is concerned. Although undeniably there’s still a lot to be done and improved.

Meantime, the Bill seeking to speed up official transaction regarding the needs and problems of the sovereign people in all public offices and agencies is expected to be passed into law in Congress by this coming March. Under this law, all heads of offices are directed to take immediate action on all solicitations, requests or even complaints brought to their attention by the constituents. Only three days is the maximum time allowance granted to a certain office to accomplish if in case the circumstances call for a thorough investigation or a serious study before a course or action be undertaken.

The Chief Executive wants that public service should be free of any form of obstruction or impediment such as the traditional red tape.

Since time immemorial, it has been the cause of many failures and hopelessness in the lives of the less fortunate. It should have been easier and more practical to solve certain problems or remedy futile situation if only there were no obstacles in entering a public office, see the right official and solicit an assistance for the needed remedy or solution of whatever problem there might be.

At least, we can now see a clearer picture of what public service really means.