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Saturday, 10 March 2018 13:11


BY Betty A. Elago

We hear this often times especially pertaining to children, being compared to their parents……monkey see, monkey do! I think you will agree with me when I say children are copy cuts of their parents! During their growing up stage, they see how we run our lives, and one day, they too will be like us!

That is why, as parents, we should be good examples to our children. I know of a father who is responsible and who doesn’t drink liquor, his sons don’t drink too, and had become good family men alsolike him. When it comes to mother and daughter relationship, daughters become like their mothers too. If mothers do everything in the house like cleaning the house, cooking their food, washing their dirty clothes without complaining, rest assured, daughters will also follow her footsteps. If a father is a drunkard and irresponsible, rest assured his sons will also be like him. Another example, if the father is a criminal,Monkey See Monkey do there’s a possibility, one of his sons will become like him, a killer!

Remember always ,,,,,,’ Monkey see, monkey do! This is how I can relate to you about this quotation, and we should be very careful as parents! Copy cut means, we do what we see, which is exactly our innocent children will do when they grow up! It can also be in our genes that our children can inherit, or can it be environmental too. This is a good advice to young couples! As I said earlier, be good examples to our children, because what they see, they’ll do the same thing!

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