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Sunday, 11 March 2018 14:39


BY Betty A. Elago

Travelling five to six hours in our countryside would unstress us. Our belovedZamboanga City is truly beautiful! No wonder, people from different places are convinced to live here. While travelling to Pagadian City, and back to Zamboanga City, I’m entertained to look outside the window of the car to view the mountains that God has given us. Because it has its natural beauty like the slopping landscapes which I find so beautiful! The trees in the forest also contribute to the beauty of the mountains. Of course, we have farmers who plant mangoes, coconut trees etc., and not all mountains are idle, and I understand, the climate over the mountains is cool!!

This makes me wonder if mountains have owners here in the Zamboanga Peninsula, because one day in the future, we can expand our beloved Zamboanga City, and population explosion won’t be a problem! I understand Zamboanga’s area is even bigger than Manila! Let’s hope it’s going to happen one day in the near future! Our City officials should think positive for this to happen. As I said, nothing is impossible! I’ve been talking about our beautiful Countryside, because I had the chance to travel by car with my sister and her husband in US, when they picked me up in Los Angeles California 17 years ago, to go to their place in Palms 29. While travelling, I noticed their mountains were bare. What you can see only are the bare mountains and rocks. My sister said these mountains are growing too, and this surprised me. Yes there were a few orange plantations and flowers like gladiolas but I have not seen apple orchards, so you see folks, I have been comparing our Countryside and the mountains to that of US, andreally know our belovedZamboanga City’s Countryside is really beautiful!

This explains the reason why people from afar, would like to live in our beautiful City!



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