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Monday, 12 March 2018 11:37

As we all know, Gov. Imee R. Marcos is the daughter of our late President Ferdinand E. Marcos, and the sister of Bongbong Marcos, who was believed to have won as Vice President of the Philippines, except that it turned out that there was massive cheating during the last election in 2016. Meanwhile, a petition for a recount of ballots from the side of Bongbong Marcos is still ongoing!

My family are Marcos loyalists! My late husband Vincent A. Elago was head of the Department of Tourism and Philippine Tourism Authority here in Zamboanga City in the late seventies up to year 1988 President Cory Aquino won, All heads of offices were told to resign. My husband, who was a civil service eligible was advised by DOT, Manila to submit his letter of resignation, and was accepted. I was told by the Civil Service head that he shouldn’t have left his office, and have had informed them within eleven days, but since my husband is a proud man, he said if they don’t like me. well and good! The reason for saying it is because, he said, they won’t support his projects. I can say he was the favourite of Sec. Jose Aspiras because Zamboanga city was at its height and the no.one tourist destination here in the Philippines!

A lot of Marcos loyalist wore red t-shirts and blouses, but since it was a social gathering, some of us went with our Sunday best. Of course, the Aranetas of Zamboanga were all there, headed by Jun and Rose Araneta. Mayor Beng was also present together with her City Hall Administrator, Apple Go! In our table were Former Congress woman Lilia M, Nuno, NelidaAtilano, CouncilorLilibethNuno, Gloria Atilano, VitangGuingona and her sister BabuchiMurga Mortensen, Ric San Juan, Rose Pardo, and MacoyAraneta, and my two new friends Nini and Joy!  The room was actually  a mixedcrowd of Muslim and Christian visitors, who were really die hard followers of the former KBL party.

If ever she runs as a Senator, I guess she will have the support of the Marcos Loyalists! I won’t forget to mention the name of Cecil Araneta Marcos, who was the event coordinator of the party! I remember her Parents During and MameAraneta, who came to visit our humble home, when Vin and I were just newly married!