Veteran of fierce UP frat rumbles now an inspirational messenger PDF Print E-mail
Tuesday, 13 March 2018 11:34


LIFE’S INSPIRATIONS: “… Blessed is he who comes in the name of the Lord…” (Psalm 118:26, the Holy Bible).


VETERAN OF FIERCE UP FRAT RUMBLES NOW AN INSPIRATIONAL MESSENGER: Truly, there are people in our midst who display nobility in their objective to share inspirational messages with others, to enable as many men and women as possible to imbibe in their hearts and in their minds proven principles that could give them success and

prosperity in their lives, and give them profound peace and deep strength to face life’s challenges as well.

One of these is Mr. Louie Cesar, a fraternity brother of mine from the University of the Philippines in Diliman, Quezon City who, while he was still struggling as a student at the state university, became thoroughly famous for his bravery and savagery during rumbles with members of other fraternities at the UP. His battles were always to the death, no matter how many enemies surrounded him.

But, I don’t know what happened to him after his stint at the university because, to my amazement, Louie’s brutality and savagery seemed to have vanished and, instead, he has become a worker and a preacher of God. At the moment, a big part of his ministry is tirelessly sending through various means of communication, on a daily basis, messages that are pro-God, pro-people, and pro-country.


“BELIEVE IN WHAT YOU ARE PRAYING FOR”: Here are some of the messages that Louie Cesar had been sending me, which I am sure would also benefit many others: “If we live with God’s will always in mind, then believe in what you are praying for. If God has placed a burden and desire in your heart, then you must not fear for God is with you. There will be obstacles and opposition along the way, but in the end, God’s will always prevail.”

Last Saturday, March 10, 2018, here was what his message was all about: “We all have problems to solve, burdens to carry. He who says he has none is either deranged, deluded, or detached from reality.

“Let us pray that God will increase our patience and faith going through the trials, and strengthen our resolve to carry the burdens with much love and wisdom. Have a blessed weekend!



Last Friday, the message of Louie Cesar was: “Unexpected circumstances, troubles and tragedy can change our plans and our life in an instant. But fret and fear not for God in in our tears, trials, and troubles. He is in our joy and sadness. He is in our affliction and temptation. He is in our past, present and future. And his promises never fail.”

On Thursday, Louie’s message was: “One of the enigmas of life is the fact that there are righteous men who die young in their righteousness, while there are wicked men who live longer in their wickedness. Though God’s ways are not our ways and His thoughts are not our thoughts, we can always trust in His infinite love and wisdom.


And on Wednesday, he said: “We can’t change people. We can’t save and bring them to heaven. Only God can do that. But we can

always choose to be kind, understanding, compassionate, considerate, caring and forgiving to them, especially to those who are dear and close to us. These are the things we can do. Have a blessed day!”


CALL OR TEXT LOUIE CESAR: For those who would want to also receive inspirational messages that are often life-changing from Louie Cesar, you can send a text message to, or call, him at: 0915 116 2974 and 0945 114 6116. I am sure he will be glad to include you in his list of people who receive his daily messages. Thank God in the Name of Jesus, Amen!