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Wednesday, 14 March 2018 11:39


BY Betty A. Elago

I am glad that a friend of mine, IcelleBorja Estrada, a Historian and an Artist too, who sent me the history of the liberation of Zamboanga from the Imperial Japanese Army of Japan by the Americans! She went to Singapore last week to see the work of Arts of our well known Filipino hero and painter, Juan Luna whose paintings are displayed in the Museum of Singapore, and took picture of the death of Cleopatra, the beautiful, powerful Queen of Egypt.

In Icelle’sfacebook post,, thru the help of our local guerrillas, the American Army, headed by Gen. Jens A. Doe, landed at Caragasan Beach, known as the Yellow beach, the code name of their operation. The US soldiers went after the Japanese soldiers, and the US light crusiers and warships, bombed Sinunuc to Baliwasan, targeting Japanese installations, and was said that the US soldiers encountered little resistance from the Japanese Imperial Army, with the help of our guerrillas led by Celso Fernandez, and his followers, who should be recognized heroes of our beloved City! For the information of the public, there was a reenactment of the liberation of Zambo. last March 10, 2005. In cooperation of the Balikatan forces here in Zamboanga. and their equipments, and was witnessed by the locals.

I can remember, our very own late Mayor Cesar C. Climaco was also a guerrilla, together with my father. Every time my father came home from the US,he used to visit Mayor Cesar Climaco in his office in City Hall. I can remember my father told us a sad story, when he became a prisoner of war. He said, he and an American soldier was made to empty the septic tank used by the Japanese soldiers. Being a Filipino, he was accustomed to hard work. However, he sympathized with the American soldier, who never experienced emptying a septic tank back in his City. He heard him crying and kept repeating….Oh my god, my God! Gosh, that was truly a harrowing and sad experience!

The guerrillas who worked hand in hand with the American soldiers later on were rewarded by the United States and were recognized as Usafe guerrillas.  Our gurillas enjoyed cash which was called as back pays, and the GII Bill of Rights was granted to children of Usafe members. A brother of mine finished his course of Industrial Chemistry in Adamson University thru the GI Bill of Rights! Thank you America, and we all hope our friendship with your Country will not wither till the end of time!