Scary moves of this administration PDF Print E-mail
Thursday, 15 March 2018 11:59

By Remedios F. Marmoleño

The present administration has been running the country for some 21 months now. Over this time we have seen some actions taken by the administration which  we are pleased with – actions which should have been done by past administrations but were not. These actions have been steps forward in our growth as a nation.

We have also seen actions which are quite troubling, actions with only local and minor implications like appointments of people unsuitable for the positions they have been given ( e.g. Mocha Uson). Some actions have more serious implications that can go beyond our present time. Leading this has been the war on drugs and the question of the seeming disregard of the human rights of the 3000 or so victims – mainly people engaged in the drug trade in different capacities.

There have been the moves of our government regarding our claims over certain features of the West Philippine Sea, vis-à-vis China. There are people, who love our country just as much as PRRD does, but who are seriously questioning this government’s position on this matter. They question whether we have compromised  Philippine  sovereignty over sea and land features in exchange for promises of generous loans to finance the ambitious projects of the administration.

In May 2017 the president declared martial law for Mindanao and this was justified because of the attack on Marawi. The martial law declaration  was supposed to run for only 6 months but has been extended with eager support from our Congress. From time to time we hear of martial law for the whole country and the  legislative branch of government  seems silent on the matter –  giving the public the impression that “whatever Lola wants Lola gets.”

There is the unresolved matter of  Chief Justice Sereno’s  impeachment. Let us remember that the Judiciary is a branch of our type of government which is co-equal but independent from the Executive branch to which the president belongs and the Legislative branch which includes the two houses of Congress. However the impeachment move turns out, ways of doing things  will be put in place and for a long time there will be serious questions about the roles of the three branches of government in relation to each other and in relation to the people.

The latest moves of this government is the decision to consider 600 individuals and groups as “terrorists”. The word terrorist has not been  given a working definition to help us  think about the particular individuals or groups in the list so we can think of  whether they are terrorists or not.

Soon after the declaration of the terrorists PRRD announced the  grant of  subpoena power to the PNP and to the CIDG.

These last two moves of the government give me the willies.