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Friday, 16 March 2018 12:02


BY Betty A. Elago

What is a scam? Frankly speaking, I tried to search for the word scam in the dictionary, but I couldn’t find the word scam, but I found the word scandal, which means faults or misdeeds committed by a person. I guess scam is only an idiomatic expression for scandal!

I tell my kids that foreign men are requesting to be my friends, and they would always tell me, no mommy, don’t accept because they are scammers! I became curious, so I accepted each of them one at a time, and chat with them. Once they become amorous, I block them. Around three of them as shown in their profile pictures, are generals assigned in Afghanistan. Of course I know they’re not showing their real identities as they usually use fake names. Actually, you won’t really know if they’re real or not, One scammer said he works with the US Army and at his side was a US flag., He asked me if I work, I said I write in a local newspaper. I asked him why he wants to be my friend, he said that while he was searching, he saw my beautiful face, and he wanted to know me better. Of course ‘am flattered because all these scammers find me beautiful at my age teehee! I asked him if he is one of those scammers who try to fool women, and that was the last I heard from him! Perhaps, my being a writer stopped him short, hehe.

Another guy came around, an English man whose business was with contruction,’ He told me his life story, but one day, he said he was flying to Malaysia to close a big contract and said he was coming over to see me soon. Oh my Gosh, this worried me, hehe, but all of a sudden, he mentioned of borrowing 100k from me and he was going to pay me 150 k. I blocked him right away. So you see folks, I get entertained chatting with foreign men with the plan to write about it. But what you don’t know, we also have local scammers who fool around with stranger in facebook, to make money out of them. But it’s a long story if I have to relate it to you. These scammers don’t even know I’ll be writing about them, and I hope you enjoyed reading this issue, hehe! I’m tickled pink this time for being naughty!