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Friday, 02 September 2011 13:46


It has always been the impression of people in general that politics is dirty, but I guess this will depend on the onlookers from the outside, and that is us, the audience, as the saying goes. It’s natural. Just like the electric wires, we have the negative and the positive.

In this world, no one is perfect, so we can never please people. There’s always the negative side on others. Just like in the Senate, and the House of the Representatives, and of course, I won’t forget to mention our local government which we call the Sangguniang Panlungsod, the house where our City Councilors meet to hold their sessions and deliberations. I’m glad TV 11, our local TV station, has been airing these sessions enabling us to know and watch what matters are being discussed regarding the problems of our city.

To me personally, I compare these sessions as a TV series, where there are actors and actresses acting in the story like bidas and contrabidas, teehee. And I don’t have to tell you that sometimes it’s boring, and sometimes, you also get irked, when one actor becomes persistent and monopolizes the whole scene. Oh my gulay, as a common tao may utter, but that is how it is. There are always the pros and cons on everything. Maybe if there weren’t also oppositionists in gatherings like these, it will be too boring, don’t you think so? One word of advice: Don’t over react, so that you won’t be accused of overacting.

Like the electric cable, we have the positive and the negative wires that when it’s connected, it gives us light. This is what is happening in our City Council sessions. When the morning session is over, our legislators remain friends. Right guys?
May you all be guided with wisdom and above all, by the power of our Lord!
Belated Happy Hariraya to the Muslim populace and peace be with you!