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Saturday, 17 March 2018 11:27



LIF’S INSPIRATIONS: “… If a king judges the poor with fairness,  his throne will be established forever…” (Proverbs 29:14, the Holy Bible).


IF CIDG’SEVIDENCE VS. KERWIN, ET. AL., WAS OKAY, THE CASE MUST BE PURSUED AT ALL COST: Alright, Philippine National Police Criminal Investigation and Detection Group, let’s say you are correct in your perception that your evidence in the case against Kerwin Espinosa and the others accused in the drug pushing case that was dismissed by the Department of Justice was satisfactory and sufficient.

What you should have done, after the DOJ threw out your charges against them, was to appeal the dismissal in accordance with established procedures, and not air your grievances to the media, especially considering that there are many good lawyers in your ranks.

If the evidence was sufficient, the only thing to do is to pursue the case by the filing of a “motion for reconsideration” and, if this still won’t work, by the filing of a “petition for review” with Secretary Vita Aguirre himself. This is what the DOJ’s Manual for Prosecutors provides.

The time has come, with due respect to you, our great police leaders, to show to all and sundry your full obedience to the law, and not show you are panicking simply because an agency of government issued a decision that is not in accord with your perceptions, and just because President Duterte quipped he would be sending Aguirre to jail if the  drug suspects are cleared. It is said, don’t panic, let’s restore sanity and sobriety in the bureaucracy.



There is one small but highly significant question about the proposal to synchronize the coming barangay elections with the plebiscite for amending the Constitution: can the Filipino nation express its true will on amending the Charter if at the time the people are called to decide on the matter, they would also be voting for their favorite candidates in various barangay positions?

We have seen what happened when ballots contained too many choices—usually, the true voice of the people failed to come out.

Because of this, it should be clear that the election to elect barangay officials should be held separately from the plebiscite on the Constitution, particularly on the shift of the form of government from presidential to parliamentary.

Both of these issues are truly important to all Filipinos. It is therefore highly necessary that our people should be given ample time to express their  intelligent choices. Yes, I advocate strongly: separate the barangay polls from the Constitution plebiscite!


CHANGING INSURANCE RULES IN “MID-STREAM” IS TOTALLY UNFAIR: Is it not totally unfair that the Insurance Commission is closing five insurance firms simply because they have been unable to come up with P550 million as their minimum net worth requirement for 2018?

The fact is that, when these companies started, they were able to comply with all the Commission’s requirements. In the course of their operations, the insurance firms managed to do well and, as per the Commission itself, “all have positive net worth”. Why require now a rather huge amount as their minimum net worth in “mid-stream”, as it were?

This is changing the rules in the middle of the game, and it is totally unjust. Is this just a way to ease out the five insurance firms? Have they crossed anyone in power so they have been targetted for closure? Just asking...


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