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Saturday, 17 March 2018 11:29


BY Betty A. Elago

I consider the most wonderful thing that came into our lives is Facebook, due to hi-technology! It enables us to learn so many things! You can reach out anywhere in this big wide World of ours thru the internet by owning computers, cellphones, whether you are at home, in your offices or even if you’re travelling.

There’s a big advantage if we own hi-tech gadgets like computers and cellphones, because we can reach out anywhere in this part of our World. Office employees can continue their work even at home. What really amaze me is the use of Facebook! In the past, when members of our families leave us, we can only reach out to them by letters, or by calling them thru long distance calls. Nowadays, thru facebook, we can talk and see them thru messenger! We don’t miss them so much anymore, unlike before! As a family, we always want to know what’s happening to them!

To me, Facebook is really wonderful! It enables us to learn so many things like tips on how to be health conscious, the beautiful quotations people post, that are helpful to us in our day to day lives, and to know what’s happening all over the world, it also enable us to see beautiful placesin foreign lands, meet friends, and many other things that makes facebook advantageous to us. I know you will all agree with me!

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