No thirst for excellence PDF Print E-mail
Monday, 19 March 2018 13:39

By Remedios F. Marmoleño

We may be often prodded by ads to thirst for a drink named after a saint but not nearly as often to thirst for excellence. “Thirst for excellence.”  Now this is a thought that often makes me reflect on my own standards for work and many a time I feel guilty, that I have not felt that thirst as strongly as I should.

As a country we should up our demand for  excellence. If we do not then we shall fall by the wayside relative to other countries in which the standards for excellence are set much higher and the expectations for meeting the standard are stronger.

Let me cite some examples.

In the past our institutions of higher learning in the Philippines were recognized  as among the topnotch universities in the region. Now not one of our top four universities ( UP,  ADMU, DLSU and UST, not necessarily in order) is even in the top 10. Two  may be in the top 100 but that is hardly  a sign of excellence.

In sports we make a big production of claiming how many medals we expect to win in this or that sport in the Asian Games or in the ASEAN Games and when the sporting event is over we come up with many reasons to explain why we could not. The Philippines does not even  come close to the number of medals won by Singapore, whose field for pick of athletes is so much smaller than ours.

One time I attended a consultation meeting called by City Hall to discuss the traffic situation in the city. When it came to talk about why the situation came to be  someone from the DPWH said that some roads/streets are short from the standard by so many centimeters  in width or that some of the intersections do not follow the standard angle set. Since public constructions are supposed to have supervisors from the relevant office how come these situations came to be?

Not too long ago a construction crew now working on putting in place a drainage system  ( When are they going to finish?) completed a section that allowed access to a small cross street leading to an inside property. When a truck went through the section that  section  gave way and one of  the truck’s  wheels fell into the hole.

Or go through the written work in English of many English teachers or even those who work as journalists and one can’t help wondering what happened to basic grammar rules.

These are just very minor examples but these should make us think about how much we crave for excellence in doing our own work or in our expectation of the work of others.