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Tuesday, 20 March 2018 14:56



LIFE’S INSPIRATIONS: “… Train the child in the way he should go and he will never depart from it even if he grows old…”


JAYWARDENE HONTORIA: SYMBOL OF EDUCATION’S TRIUMPH OVER POVERTY: To Filipinos who are undergoing difficult and impoverished lives and who believe they no longer have the ability to achieve their wonderful dreams for their families, I suggest you focus on the life story of Jaywardene Galilea Hontoria, the class valedictorian (first honors) of those who are graduating from the Philippine Military Academy (PMA) this 2018. Jaywardene proved, once more, that even if a person is poor, he can still become greatly successful.

Hontoria is one of the three children of a farmer from Balabag, Pavia, Iloilo. Because of this circumstance, he found himself growing up in the farm. When he thought he was already old enough to till the land himself, he asked his father to teach him how to plow the field. To his surprise, the father refused and told him that what he, Jaywardene, should be paying attention to was his studies.

Hontoria’s father made it clear that the only inheritance he would ever leave him and his siblings was their education. According to the class valedictorian, he took what his father told him to heart, compelling him to study truly well and dream of bigger dreams all the time. The result: he became a nurse, and, dreaming bigger later on, he managed to become the  valedictorian of PMA Class Talab Alab, Class of 2018.


MY DADDY AND MOMMY WERE RIGHT: STUDYING WELL MEANS LIVING WELL LATER: To parents who have been given by God some strong sense of care for the well being of their children despite their lack of material comfort, there would always be just one piece of advice they would love to give their offspring. This advice is for their children to study well so that, at the appropriate time, they would be chalking up the requisite college degrees that would empower them to enjoy gainful employments, here and abroad.

That was the same message given to us by our own parents—Mr. Melanio Pauco Mauricio Sr. of Ramos, Tarlac who already went to the great beyond in 2016, and Mrs. Salvacion Lazo Mauricio of Santa Lucia-San Ildefonso, Ilocos Sur, who, at 84 years old today, continues to be blessed by Jesus, our God and Savior, with continuing good health and sensible disposition.

For us their children—me, Philip, Leny who is likewise another lawyer like me, Ariel (who also died in 2016 while discharging his duties as the barangay captain of Poblacion Center, Ramos, Tarlac), and Marisa, who became a lawyer, too—there was only thing our parents repeatedly drilled into our consciousness as the days of our youth went by: study hard and well, because there is nothing else that we could ever bequeath to you except your education.


SUCCESS IN EDUCATION KEY TO MORE SUCCESSES IN LIFE: I can say that we were somehow showered with blessings while all of us siblings were growing up in our town in Ramos, Tarlac. Daddy and Mommy were gifted with gainful employments. Daddy became a teacher (although just for a short period of time), just like Mommy. Then, Daddy served as a municipal councilor of Ramos. When it was time for us to go to Metro Manila to pursue our college degrees, they were given good positions at the then Bureau of Cooperatives Development.

That notwithstanding, Daddy and Mommy didn’t stop or waiver even just one bit in their reminders for us to study, study some more, and then study all over again. I recall that there was one time when I was a first year law student at the UP College of Law in Diliman, Quezon City that I failed to attend a class because I had to see a lady doctor of a big optical company then, who made it known she had some “crush” on me. The braggadocio in me enticed me to go and see her.

Daddy was furiously mad, refusing to talk to me for quite some time. During those times, I wasn’t able to understand his strictness. But now, it has been shown to me time and time again that he and my Mommy were right—success in our studies was the key to more successes in life. As a consequence, I have the same advice to the youth of today: study first, little ones, so you can assure your comfort as you get to grow older. Thank God in the Name of Jesus!


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