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Wednesday, 21 March 2018 12:16

“A fool gives full vent to his spirit, but a wise man quietly holds it back.” (Prov. 29:11, ESV)

Ain’t that nice that the book of wisdom gives us a clear and express distinction between prudence and foolishness! Hence, one cannot just generalize to say that fools are those insane people we see in our streets who need psychiatric treatments, or wise as those who excel in their studies and do achieve in life.

The simple hallmark of a wise person is his ability to hold his restraint, despite that he has all the rights under heaven to unleash his anger or emotions in given situations. What King Solomon said, “The fool ventshis spirit” all the way! One thing more, often our inability to control our rage may also be dangerous, or even fatal in some exceptional cases.

There was this woman who stabbed his gambling opponent to his neck, two nights ago. Probably, she did it out of her extreme anger against the latter. According to the police report, the sole stab wound was quite fatal because the victim was declared dead on arrival (DOA) by the doctor, who tried to attend him in the hospital.

Think about it, the two might have engaged in a gambling because they wanted to pass a time. Such was maybe a temporary pleasure which the two had to unwind a bit. The victim was a fishing boat crew while the assailant is a parking lady in downtown. By ordinary inference, there could nothing be serious between the two which could have motivated the former to really kill the latter—well, not until the altercation which was ensued between them.

It may be safe as well to presume that the suspect herself did not plan to kill the victim. In other words, the crime happened in a nick of time! The victim died prematurely. He was only 21 years old. If he wasn’t fatally stabbed he could have married one day and have children of his own. Life was also a promising one for him. But all of those dissipated in the air, when he breathed his last!

What about the suspect? She is now behind bars; her future is bleak, and if found that she employed treachery in killing her victim, she may be sentenced to be imprisoned in San Ramon Penal Colony, at least 20 years and 1 day. Whew! An ordinary anger has altered everything to the lives of both the suspect and the dead victim. In fact, the consequences to the felonious act of the suspect have also included both of their families.

Mothers would often inculcate to the character of their children to always ponder, at least, 7 times to any actions they may do. The simple answer why it is so, simply because the consequences of our wrong actions are irreparable; we cannot turn the longhand of time back to where we flunk! Therefore, it behooves us to endeavor constant restraints to all of our actions, most especially if they are rooted to anger and rage.

Wisdom is very expensive. It is a priceless virtue which you and I must desire as one of our highest pursuits in life. Wisdom is even more costly than gold or silver. What be the profit of one’s wealth if he is also a fool! Real riches in life includethe virtue of wisdom. We should pray daily that God shall help us to control ourselves.

Self-control is a by-product of a godly discipline. It is a character which grows inside our hearts overtime and not overnight. Hence, if you grew-up in an environment where people around are used to hurt each other, patience may be a quite great deal to you. Indeed, the first best teachers in life are the good examples which we leave to our followers, or simply to the people around who can see our lifestyles every day.

“In the same way, let your light shine before others, so that they may see your good works and give glory to your Father who is in heaven.” (Matt. 5:16, ESV) Even the words which we ought to say, we should know how to control them. Remember, there is a time to speak but there is also a time to remain silent. Yes, at times silence is golden and not all yellow are gold!

Arrogant people vent their thoughts always. They something have armalite mouths! The usual or foremost signature of a fool is to release his thoughts regardless of the circumstances around or the given time. He does not mind to the unnecessary ruins which hecan induce along, due to the un-mindfulness which he deliberately permeates.

Restraint is not just an issue of loving other people. If you may ponder, self-control is actually self-preservation also! Control your anger and your mouth: then you have already evaded potential troubles. Next week is already the Holy Week. May the religious holidays lead us to reflect onto the manner of our daily behaviors, and thus change them for the better!God bless you.

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