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Thursday, 22 March 2018 11:42


BY Betty A. Elago

First, allow me to greet our ever active dist. 1 Congressman a belated Happy birthday, and more power to you!  Congratulations too for being appointed as the PDP Chair here in Zambo, the ruling political party nowadays!

I’d been advised by my children and my doctor to take it easy with my writing so that I won’t be stressed, but I think putting the things that bothers my mind would take out my stress! One thing more, there are so many” don’ts”…… like I should not carry heavy things, I should not do house work, I should not eat beef and pork, etc, anything that’s bad for my heart should be avoided due to my heart bypass eleven months ago! I really feel bored and dumbexcept for my writing and my television series! Thank you DZT!

This time I want to write something serious that concerns our City. Since I subscribe DZT, it enables me to know what’s happening in our midst. Firstly, I would like to touch on our electricity. As you have observed folks, we’re having brownouts again without warning. Is Zamcelco doing this so that the people will finally agree to sell the lot where Zamcelcois to an avid buyer which is Robinsons, who promised to pay the big debts that Zamcelco have had incurred due to mismanagement? I am not against the this, however, we have to ask this question, is it legal or illegal? Zamboanga City population is growing bigger fast, so our local government should do its best to solve this problem! Be honest with us, and tell us what really is happening! We don’t want to hear anomalous transactions going on!

Secondly, I had read at one time that Zamboanga City is spending a great lot for intelligence funds like 1.3 billion (correct me if ‘am wrong ) and that’s a lot of money! How come, there are still killings around us, and recently, even a police woman was killed! What’s the matter Zamboanga? Where are the intelligence funds going? I hope it’s not going to the pockets of unscrupulous people who don’t care what happens to us except for themselves! These killings is giving us a bad impression abroad, and it’s so bothering!

Thirdly, I won’t blame the parents of children here in our beloved city if they refuse to have their children vaxinated with Dengvaxia! Who wouldn’t panic after hearing the news that children are dying after being vaxinated with dengvaxia! I hope my son and daughter in law won’t allow my grandchildren to be injected with dengvaxia! But then, we have another measles outbreak here in our City and all other Cities. I advise parents to have their children vaxinated coz its safe. When my children were young, I had them vaxinated too with the measles vaxine!!

Well folks, after coming out with this column, my mind is sort of enlightened ‘coz I have written what had been in my mind! Thanks for taking time out to read it!