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Friday, 23 March 2018 12:40


Since the death of my beloved husband, I feel as if I am alone! I thank our son Veepee, who decided to stay with us rather than to look for greener pasture abroad. He thought that it was his responsibility to take care of his late dad and me, being our eldest son! I know he will be tickled pink when he reads this hehe.

When his dad was still alive, it was my duty to look after him since he suffered a hypertensive stroke for seventeen years, until God took him home in heaven last July 19, 2017. Now, things has changed. Veepee keeps me company and watch over me! I feel as if he took the place of his dad because he keeps reminding me to do this or not to do that, including the food that I eat!  However, I have other things in mind to remind us what to tell ourselves daily I got five of them from facebook, and here are they are;

1) Keep trying - It means if you didn’t succeed the first time, don’t get discouraged. Try and try again until you succeed!

2) Keep Praying - Don’t ever forget to pray not only in times of problems, but also in good times, to thank God of his blessings in our life! You can always talk to him, because he hears us wherever we are, as he is everywhere! Personally, I talk to him, aside from praying the Holy rosary!

3) Stay posisitive -   Don’t be negative. No matter how hard it is, do it, and even better. This is the way to succeed!

4) Be awesome – Have a happy attitude!

5) Become not better than anyone else, but better than the person you were yesterday!

When we follow all these five things in our livse, nothing will go wrong to us! Bear this quotation in your lives…..Not all storms disrupt our lives, some come to clean our paths!

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