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Saturday, 24 March 2018 15:12


BY Betty A. Elago

When I was a little girl living in Grace, Park, Caloocan, Rizal,in Manila, my late father and mother always took us to church every Sunday, and our Parish church were Fr. Buldogand Fr. Mhacsorly, both were American priests. Every six pm, we all gathered in our altar to pray the angelous. Yes, I and my five brothers and two sisters grew up with God as the center of our lives!

However when we came to Zamboanga City, my parents met Mr. and Ms.TimoteoAlmonte, and became very good friends. Bro. and sister Almonte were able to convince my parents to be converted into their religion as Church Of Christ members. I was studying in Pilar College at that time, and on my 4th year, they transferred me to ZAEC, and even if I refused to change my religion, I was forced to be baptized in the Church of Christ religion to have unity in the family, with one thought in my mind that I will go back to my Catholic religion when I got married. I am thankful to them because they gave me their blessing when I got married in the Catholic Church and became a Catholic again. My mom too became a catholic when she lived with me after coming back home from the United States!

Honestly speaking, I never regretted having been a church of Christ member, because I attended the Bible study every Sunday during church services, and I learned a lot! The only favourite verse I memorized in the Holy Bible was John 3/16… “For God so loveth the World, that whosoever believeth in him, shall not perish, but have an everlasting life!” I find this verse beautiful! A church brother came to give me communion every Sunday, after my Heart bypass operation for several months! Lately, I’ve been going to church because I know God is healing me physically and spiritually! I wouldn’t have survived my heart surgery without my strong faith in God! Thank you Lord Jesus!

All religion are good, but let us not be fanatics and despise other religion! We only have one God, and God’s words is no different from other religion! To all of you folks, happy Holy Week!