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Sunday, 25 March 2018 15:35


BY Betty A. Elago

Oh no, what’s happening to our Country these days? Divorce had been approved by our lawmakers in the lower house! In the US, divorce is so common. Couples separate ways and marry again with other love partners. Just recently, US lawmakers had also approved same sex marriages!! We are all aware that this is against God’s teachings. I guess, Satan is very happy nowadays and is now boasting to God…you see that, your people believes in me more than you!!!

However, you know folks, couples separate even without divorce, especially in the rural areas, as long as the husband and wife agree not to meddle with each other’s life. What is more disgusting here, men and women change partners often times and in every relationship, children are born. I had helpers who admitted to me they had around three to four live in partners, and have children with each of them! This is the reason why we have population explosion! Children become victims of abandonment, and to think that children are greatest in the kingdom of God! This is where I would like our lawmakers to concentrate on, perhaps to pass a law to control the no. of children of couples that they should have. Well, you may think it preposterous, because God also said “go out into the World and multiply!”

We know the Roman Catholic Church is against divorce, and also against birth control. I guess, there may still be a way to stop it! Perhaps by asking people to pray harder’ a miracle can still happen! We value the unity of families! IT will not surprise us in the near future some of our lawmakers will be filing for divorce the reason why they passed the Divorce Law!!