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Tuesday, 27 March 2018 13:15


BY Betty A. Elago

‘Am not talking of senior Citizens here, ‘coz I’m sure we have senior citizens ranging from ages of sixty and above. When we reach the age of fifty years old, we are already considered half a century old, but since the retirement age is fifty-five, when you are in government service, then you are not considered a sr. citizen yet!

In this column, I would like to talk of antiques. Most of our original old families here in our beloved City.own one or two or more antiques in their homes, Most of our antique jars come from China, and even most of our foods have had been influenced by our Chinese ancestors, as we all know, weFilipinos have a mixture of foreign  blood in our veins like Spanish and American blood. Recently, my son Vincent Paul opened a section in Facebook for Antique Collectors and Sellers, and personally is inviting people to join him, showcasing what antiques they have and try to know more about their antiques at home. I know my son had been  doing his research in the internet, to know more about antiques, and be able explain to people what kind of antiques they have and will learn to appreciate them and learn more where it came from etc. I too joined his group as I also have my personal antiques which I bought in my early married life. I have a Muslim friend who I think is an antique merchant, who comes to me every now and then, if he has something to sell, and since I can speak the tausug dialect, we understand each other very well.

Before the War, my late father in law, Dr, ClimacoJacot Elago, was assigned in Margosatubig, bringing with him his wife my late mother in law, a nurse, and founded the hospital in Margos. But when war broke out, they ran and lived in the mountains of Margosatubig. Zbgadel Sur. My husband and the other siblings were all born in Margos.Inspite of the war conditions, my father in law kept serving people as a doctor. Most of his patients belonged to the Subanon Tribe. My father in law never charged his patients, and so, to return their gratitude, they gave him antique jars. Unluckily, he didn’t experience the coming of the Americans, because he died of Malaria in the mountain! When Zamboanga was liberated from the Japanese, Mama Pilar and her children came back to Zamboanga, bringing with her a number of antique jars. She kept only three, and she distributed the brown jars to her sisters.

You see Folks, we are caretakers of three precious antique jars that belonged to my late mother in law. Precious because it was gifted to them by subanos who became patients of my late father in law Dr.Climaco Elago. When Veepee came out with his Collectors and Sellers of Antiques, the son of veteran war hero Celso Fernandez, JB Fernandez ,said that these antique jars are cursed after   Veepee said that the Subanons used the white jars for burial purposes.burrying their dead in it, and sometimes, they keep the bones of their love one inside these jars. Some had been used as ginger jars, or for saving water. JB mentioned that these jars are cursed jars, as it brings bad luck. His own family owned a number of antique jars too. He said the reason why he never became rich!

He was told that before putting them inside your house, you have to do some rites like washing them very well, then put a fire in it, making sure you won’t burn yourself or the house, then anoint it with holy water to drive whatever spirits that is still there.ellI guess I believed him ‘cause  I can relate something that I have always kept to myself, but never told my children, except to my late husband VincentI I know this is morbid because we have these three antique jars which are being mentioned exactly like the white old antique jar used for burial. When my husband was still alive, I always told him I can hear as if there are people outside our bedroom when I wake up at night. Sometimes I hear some one knocking at our bedroom door and sometimes, I hear as if someone was trying to open our door! However, this didn’t bother me, as I know God is with us. Last Dec. 5, 2017, I had the two bed and breakfast of Veepee blessed and also I included the blessing of our bedroom and the corridor outside our bedroom where  our altar is located. Fr. TotongSoliven I guess, must have driven the evil spirits away that was bothering us for a long time with the strong words he said in his prayers. Our children too kept telling us before that they can feel as if there were ghost in the hous, but I ignored it  so as not to frighten them. I think those spirits I can’t say were bad spirits because they didn’t harm us. That was the first question Fr. TotongSoliven had asked me if they harmed us. I said no! So far am glad, I   haven’t heard unusual sounds anymore since after the blessing! But I still have to get some holy water to sprinkle it on the jars, to drive bad luck and the curse away forever!

The old Ancestral home of Don Vicente R. Atilano was demolished, to build up this house in its place. My mother in law inherited it. And since she had rayuma and a bad heart, it was hard for her to climb the tall stairways, the reason why the old house was put down. The three antique jars were also part of the old house.. When Vincent and I got married, the reception was celebrated in that old house, and I also lived there after our honeymoon. I can remember hearing stories from the house helpers who said they can hear footseps at night when everyone were sleeping, and that sometimes, they can see the wheelchair rocking. It’s not only them who were saying it, but also the nephew in law of mama Pilar, who was at that time studying here in Zambo.. So you see folk since the antique jars became a fixture of the new house too, I think the ghost that were with the antique jars, followed too! A blessing they’re gone, after the blessing. I think Fr. Totong was able to exorcise it! Teehee. Believe it or not!