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Sunday, 01 April 2018 15:33


BY Betty A. Elago

On the 3rd day. Lord Jesus Christ had risen from the dead, and the whole Christendom celebrating his resurrection on Easter Sunday! Actually, praying the Holy Rosary, is sort of a sacrifice, because it depicts the life and death of Jesus Christ, when he lived here on earth. He died on the cross to save us from our sins, and to make us closer to his father!

Sometimes, it makes me think if there is such a thing as pre-destination, because God Jesus himself knew he was going to die! Being all knowing, God knows even when we were still unborn as a fetus inside the wombs of our mothers, and until we are born, he already knows what will happen to us. But you know folks, it’s hard to philosophise on this matter, and only God knows! It’s only having a strong faith in God that will help us understand him and love him as our creator!

All Christians, no matter what religion they belong, celebrate Holy Week in Solemnity! All employees working in government and private firms are entitled to celebrate Holy week. It started last Palm Sunday followed by Holy Monday, Holy Tuesday, Holy Wednesday, then the hi-light of the betrayal of Jesus by Judas Iscariot at the garden of Getsemane, where he was brought to King Herod to be judged, but Herod washed his hands and decided to leave the judgement to the Jews who shouted crucify him, crucify him, and crowned him with thorns! He was given a cross to carry, on the way to Mt. Calvary, where he was nailed on the cross, put it up, until he died. Mama Mary and some of his Apostles took him down and buried him in his tomb, but on the 3rd day, he arose from the dead and ascended to heaven, which we call as Easter Sunday, rejoicing that Jesus has risen from the dead!

As a custom on Holy Thursday, Catholics visit churches as a sacrifice and do penance by doing the way of the cross! My son Veepee and some Councilors joined Cong, Celso Lobregat In visiting 26 Churches ending at 2am. As in my case, I stayed at home, prayed the rosary, and listened a mass at tv station abs-cbn last Holy Friday afternoon. May I greet all of you a happy Easter Sunday and God Bless!