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LIFE’S INSPIRATIONS: “…`My God! My God! Why have you forsaken me?’…” (King David, in Psalm 22:1, the Holy Bible).


EASTER PS I: IT WAS GOD HIMSELF WHO CAME TO EARTH IN THE FORM OF MAN, WITH FLESH AND BLOOD: Easter Post Script I: Among us believers, what is the true meaning of Holy Week? Is commemorating this event on an annual basis important because of the free time it gives us which we can possibly use to bond with our loved ones, or because we can use it to visit places which we have been longing to go to?

Or the Holy Week is important to us because it will give us the opportunity to ponder on the mystery of why our God and Savior, He who is both powerful and omniscient and all-intelligent, agreed to come down here on earth, in the form of man with flesh and blood, and accepted the penalty which man should receive because of his sinfulness?

At this point in the history of all people who believe in God, it is clear that many still fail to grasp the truth that it was

God Himself who came down from heaven. Many still do not understand that God did this because he wanted to snatch sinners from the fire and worms of hell—that if He did not come to earth, man’s final destiny would be hell, because of their sins.


GOD’S LOVE HAS A CONDITION: When God created the heavens and the earth, He also created man. But despite being a creation of the Almight One, man was imperfect and naturally sinful, according to Easter PS I: Mystery of God’s Kingdom, hidden from manyGod Himself, so that he sinned on his own volition by going against

God’s commandments. Because of man’s transgressing the commands of God, there is but one final destiny waiting for him, at the end of time, and this is the fire and worms of eternity.

The only thing going for man, fortunately for him, was God’s great love for him. Because of God’s love, He immediately ordained His going down from heaven to go to this world, in the form of man with flesh and blood, to give salvation to him despite the many sins he had committed.

Be that as it may, God imposed a condition so that man can receive His salvation. This condition has been put down in writing:

there is a need for man to accept, receive, and believe, that God Himself came down to earth from heaven; that God did this in the form of man; that God has a Name, and it is “Jesus”.


MYSTERY OF GOD’S KINGDOM: HIDDEN FROM MANY: So man can have the grace of understanding the mystery of God’s coming to earth in the form of man with flesh and blood, he must ask God to remove his blindness and being deaf about spiritual matters. For spiritual blindness and deafness of man about the mystery of the Kingdom of God was given to him by God Himself.

God blinded and removed the sense of hearing of many because of their had-headedness and inclination to sin. Consequently, man must ask God to remove this blindness and deafness from him, to empower him to understand the parables that were used to explain the mystery of the Kingdom of  God.

During Holy Week, it would then be more important for believers to splurge on Bible reading and comprehension and prayers, rather than indulging on rituals and traditional practices which are not found in the Bible anyway, like endless processions, visitation of edifices, vacationing in beach resorts and the like.


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