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Monday, 02 April 2018 14:47

By Remedios F. Marmoleño

Salesforce is a billion-dollar American company based in California that is engaged in cloud computing. In his keynote speech at a company convention late in 2017  CEO Marc Baniof said “…the business of business is making the world a better place.”  I couldn’t agree more.

It is often said that business is one of the strongest forces that is destabilizing our world. The pursuit of profit in mining, logging and fossil resources has contributed to the serious degradation of the environment. Pollution of the atmosphere, which in turn has brought about climate change, can be traced to manufacturing processes. The commerce in armaments explains why certain businesses would rather that countries stay on war footing instead of  extending gestures of peace.

Having said that, it is not to mean that business only has negative impact on our world. That will be taking a very simplistic stand on the matter for  like all human pursuits there are both the good and the bad that can arise from what we do. But if we are to reflect more on the role of business in human life we will see that the great potential for good is there and we need only to direct business activities in the direction of good for the world to become a better place.

I am decidedly an amateur in the field of communications technology but I am aware that this is an area that generates much business even  if we just consider the likes of Amazon, Apple and Facebook. The founders of these corporations are among the richest people in our planet and their respective businesses are impacting millions of people on earth.

Let us take Facebook as an example to think about. When the students who invented Facebook started their enterprise it was mainly to facilitate connecting people with each other, which is something good. Making it easier and faster to communicate with our significant others is a good;  relationships would be enhanced  and we will bask in the glow of friendship and family love. But Facebook ( and similar other media platforms like Instagram and Twitter) has evolved into something different for many people and it has fueled bullying, hateful speech and that new phenomenon of our times, fake news.

Though unintended, Facebook is helping to increase  hate and cruelty in our world society and contrary to the words of Baniof, not making this world a better place. Facebook is still in business though and Mark Zuckerberg continues to be in the list of the richest people in our planet.

The challenge for us then, and especially for those who are in business, is how to make the business of business  making this world a better place.

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