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Friday, 06 April 2018 12:02


BY Betty A. Elago

How many of us senior citizens can still remember our childhood past? As we all know, our minds are starting to dwindle, so it’s important for us to remember what and where we were in our childhood days because there will come a time, we will reach the stage of forgetfulness! This I know you will agree!

To start with, I’ll start with my personal biography. I’ll begin with my grandparents. My grandfather was Francisco Reyes, from Maycawayan, Bulacan, Manila, who got married to a Zamboanguena, Fredesvinda de los Reyes, who both settled in JoloSulo! All their siblings were born in Jolo, but my mother finished her studies in Zamboanga Normal College, and got married to Jose P. Altea of Bacolod City, but am proud to say that we spoke chavacano dialect in our home, including my father, He never taught us to speak the Ilongo dialect.Mama I guess had a stronger personality! Hehe

My father was a USAFE guerrilla, when the war broke out. My parents and my mom’s family escaped Jolo to Zamboanga by riding on a vinta, because Japanese soldiers were hunting for guerrillas in Jolo! While hiding in the Mountains, I was born in Calabasa, Curuan, ZC, after the war, my parents transferred to Manila, and my father became a military officer as a major in the Army. My older brothers, kuya Boy (Frank), kuya Jun and me learned to speak the Filipino Language,tagalog, but in the later part of our lives, my parents decided to take us to Jolo and papa had to leave the Army. I had beautiful memories in Jolo that was still a very peaceful place. I learned to eat lanzones, durian, mangosteen, marang , fruits that was abundant in Jolo! And proud to say we learned to speak the tausug