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Monday, 09 April 2018 11:42


BY Betty A. Elago

Sad to read about the temporary closure of Boracay Beach from tourists since it is the number one tourist destination in the country. I think the proposed thorough cleansing is necessary because of the presence of a lot of small illegal structures, and the irony of it, they didn’t have good septic tanks, and in fact all were found to be unsanitary. I sympathize with the people there, whose livelihood depended on the domestic and foreign visitors coming to the Island. I only hope it won’t take six months for clearing and improving Boracay as a whole.

I was hoping Dot will divert the tourists to other beautiful beaches here in the Philippines, especially here in our City of Zamboanga, because we can boast of our own beach, Sta. Cruz Island that’s well known for its pink sand! Not only Sta. Cruz Island because we also have the eleven Islands that is also best for swimming, and sunbathing. Our Tourism department doesn’t have to have big structures, as long as you have comfort rooms, and fresh water in the bathrooms! Actually, tourists don’t like artificialites like buildings and billboards. They enjoy to be surrounded with the beauty of Mother Nature. I learned this when my late husband was the head of DOT. In fact, I joined a tourism seminar and passed it with flying colours. Since we can easily transport our tourists back and forth to Sta. Cruz Island, and the eleven islands to our City, and just making sure of their security probably, we can ask the Military to watch over our seas, we can be ready to make our beloved City as a Tourist destination like before!

I only hope our local Tourism Department should take advantage of Boracay’s temporary closure and try to convince Travel Agencies to persuade tourists to come and visit Zamboanga City!