Snake is Satan’s symbol PDF Print E-mail
Wednesday, 18 April 2018 12:05


BY Betty A. Elago

‘Am still weak from a bout of tummy ache for five days, but feeling a bit better now, I won’t miss resuming my column starting today, as this is now my way of keeping me busy, aside from the  plants that I enjoy tending to, with the help of a gardener.

Now, let’s talk off snakes. As we all know, a snake tempted our first parents Adam and Eve, who tempted them to eat the fruit of life, the Apple, in the Garden of Eden. This is the reason why snakes connotes evil! God had forbidden Adam and Eve to eat the fruit of life and since they disobeyed him, they were driven out of Paradise! All of us have had heard this story several times since we were in grade school! This simple story has made all our lives so complicated thru the lies of a snake which we all know is Satan himself!

When I was in Tampa around twenty years ago, my sister brought me to a tourist spot called Bush Garden. I saw all kinds of wild animals like bears, giraffes, crocodiles, all kinds of birds, tigers and lions, a golden gorilla, and many others. However, what really gave me the shivers, was to see all kinds of snakes of different colours. Not all snakes are poisonous, but still, it makes us think that Satan took the form of a snake to tempt Adam and Eve, and since then, snakes had always been identified with the Devil himself, and because of this, we all have inherited the original sin of our first parents! the reason why we need the Sacrament of Baptism!

Nowadays, we have snakes in the form of men, slimy, sneaky kind of men, who portrays themselves as good men, but beware that this kind of men can glide at your back, and bite you treacherously! I don’t really mean they’ll bite you physically,’ coz this is just a literary expression of mine! Men like this can do things at your back without your knowing it and just surprise you unexpectedly, and I guess, you know what I mean! Hope you will learn to recognize men like this who are dressed in sheep’s clothing!