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Thursday, 19 April 2018 12:03


BY Betty A. Elago

During election time, we always choose a person with integrity. We ask ourselves if we really know the meaning of integrity, so I opened my Webster dictionary to find out its real meaning, because we hear this word all the time.

Integrity is a ‘behavior in accordance with a strict code of values. like honesty, entirety, something without mark or stain, meaning to say, a person who has a clean background, not involved in any illegal scams or illegal deals. But do we still have people like this who are blameless in our society nowadays? Yes, we can still find honest people in our midst, but I guess only a handful of them,especially people working in government! This is the reason why some people in government are under investigation. We start suspecting if officials in government can buy condominiums, houses, owning 2 or three cars, owning many lands with the kind of salary they receive serving in government institutions! Gosh, we shouldn’t be blind!

I hope that the Ombudsman whose work is to watch over dishonest people in government are also people with integrity who can’t be bought, because that usually happens in order to cover up anomalies in government! The barangay election is nearing, we hope the voters will choose the right candidates with integrity, not the ones who will be buying your votes! Because, as we all know they’ll become corrupt officials who will try to get back what they have spent during the election! So beware!