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Friday, 20 April 2018 11:56


BY Betty A. Elago

Teehee, ‘matchonurin’ is a word that we often hear, and the other meaning of this is under the saya. You see folks, when men help their wives in household chores, and is a yes man in their relationship, men are taunted as ‘Matchonurin’ or under the saya!

Let me tell you if a man helps his wife, it is because he loves his wife, and tries to lighten his wife’s work load at home, especially if she is also working, and if he skips attending the gathering of his friends on weekends, his friends will start taunting him ‘matchonurin’ or under the saya! Well, I guess this is wrong and unfair. My own late father was also marked as under the saya, because when mother can’t go to market, my father does it himself. Papa loved my mother so much!  When I was in my teens my parents seldom quarreled but one day I heard Papa and mama fight. As usual mama was shouting nonstop, I saw my father get his revolver and threatened my mother that he will shoot her if she wouldn’t stop, thus, she stopped shouting. However, mother said she was leaving home, what my father did was funny. He asked mama, darling, would you like me to carry your bag, and call a taxi, hahaha!  My mother didn’t leave anymore! Papa loved my mother so much that he always wanted to please my mother!, so this made me believe that after all, my father wasn’t under the saya! He was a good provider and a good father and he never spanked me!

We women shouldn’t abuse the goodness of our husbands! God created women to keep men company! However, God want men to be head of the family, but sometimes this does not run true to life. Whether women like it or not, men play an important role as head of the family. As I said in my column before, the husband is like a captain of his ship because he can dock it at wherever wharf he wants the boat to dock. A family will succeed, if the head of the family is responsible, a good provider, loving, and of course, making God as the center of their lives!