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Sunday, 04 September 2011 14:35


I am a constant passenger of ambulance vehicles. I am not kidding. Every time I would suffer from a hypertensive attack, I suffer from vertigo, so the next thing I know, my son would summon for an ambulance and straight to the hospital they take me. I don’t become unconscious so I know how it feels to ride in an ambulance.
I would just like to call the attention of private and public hospitals, or even the

Red Cross, to please upgrade your ambulance vehicles. This is not only for the good of the patients who are being brought to hospitals during emergencies, but also for the good,of the attendants. I don’t have to tell you how hot it is and how uncomfortable it is. If this condition remains, this will be alright for patients who are unconscious, as they won’t know what is happening. It’s a different matter if you are conscious like me. You’ll notice how hot it is as there’s no air conditioner in the vehicle, and the stretcher is too hard. I felt nauseous, and in fact, I vomited in the emergency room.

If God permits, I don’t want to ride an ambulance again if I can avoid it. But I am hoping that in the near future, our ambulance will have air conditioners and the stretchers softer and a bit inclined. In my case, I can’t lie down without a pillow on my head because I can feel the blood rushing in my head, plus I also suffer from vertigo. I don’t mean to belittle our ambulance vehicles, but I think it really needs upgrading, not only here in our Latin City, but also, all the ambulances in our country. You’ll be surprised to know I also experienced riding an ambulance inside Camp Aguinaldo, and to tell you honestly, our ambulance is much better. Well, that happened three years ago when my son-in-law was still alive.   

I only hope this column of mine will reach DOH. I also would like to thank Ollie Camins , who is a member of the Zamboanga de Antes, who incidentally, together with the other members were enjoying a party at our son’s pad, when I had my hypertensive attack. Ollie who happens to be connected with Red Cross, summoned the ambulance rightaway. I would like to thank him and the attendants of the ambulance for rescuing me. Thank you, thank you!

Belated happy birthday to Marie Atilano, who celebrated her natal day last
Sept. 3. I would also like to welcome a classmate of mine, Ada Pinga, who is visiting her family here in Zambo. Welcome too, to Mercy Fernandez who is presently a councilor in Dapitan City.