A Useless Love PDF Print E-mail
Tuesday, 24 April 2018 13:42

Logically, any person who kills himself because of a broken love is a FOOL! The simple reason is because he fails to remember that he can still mend his heart; secondly, he actually can yet find a better one, in case his former relationship did not work. In other words, he can definitely move on and continue a better life, but never end it in the name of a vainlove. Whew folks!

We can continue to hear now and then stories of people committing a useless suicide. It hurts to hear though that there are those who can easily succumb to such a lousy allure. By all means, nothing in this world can quantify to the real and priceless value of our lives. Besides, we do not own them ourselves. We’re only stewards to a God’s gift.

The very truth is that the almighty just lent it to us. Hence, one day each of us shall stand before His presence and will have to answer if how we invested such gift in this world. Now, think of it, anyone who kills himself cannot escape to answer candidly before the Lord,on his recklessness. In the Bible, there are two particular sins which are unpardonable, to wit: the blasphemy to the Holy Spirit and suicide.

Hell is real. It is the Lord Jesus Christ Himself who spoke about it, more than a dozen of times in the New Testament. Now, those who may kill himself will go down straight to hell. Thus, the contemplation ofending the temporary sorrow here on earth will after all transcend to an even worse one in the afterlife.

If we suffer some serious things here on earth, the most which we can have isonlyto bear them to a lifetime. Albeit, when one suffers in hell, he will have to bear the pains forever! The hell fire is an eternal place. If heaven is an eternal paradise, hell is the complete opposite—it is a place of unending sorrow. The greatest loss when a man can ever have is to be in hell! The Lord warns, “For what shall it profit a man, if he shall gain the whole world, and lose his own soul?” (Mk. 8:36, KJV)

Last week, I wrote about that man, from Mampang, who ended his life in a nylon rope. Last Sunday morning, a young man, age of 20 years old, from Tugbungan did also kill himself via a nylon rope. According to the investigation of the police, the probable motive of his act was about love. Maybe, the young man didn’t have yet a longer experience of relationship, so that he easily bent to a something useless reason.

By opinion, if one enters into a relationship, he must not totally give everything he/she has to his/her lover. Reserve some for his/her ownself. One important lesson: he may not be fully sure that if their relationship shall work. Remember, until a couple is not married, there will always be that invisible line which either of them should not cross.

Now, when the two are married things are changed then, because they will have to give everything they got to each other, and for their children. It is pretty astounding that there are some people who can be stung easily, by the venom of love. Well, there are those who drown themselves to alcohol to soothe their emotions in days.But to hear that one ended his life because of love does not justify, not an ounce of reason.

Again, we are not the owner of our lives! One day, we will give an accounting to the Creator individually. Thus behave! Spend your life righteously and godly. Reach the destiny which God has inculcated for you. When you can be wounded along in your journey, allow the natural healing to recuperate you. Please, do not entertain the temptation of depression by ending your life.

Pains, in this side of eternity, are a fact of life to everyone—there is no person here on earth that doesn’t bear his own burden. “Then Jesus told his disciples, ‘If anyone would come after me, let him deny himself and take up his cross and follow me.”’ (Matt. 16:24, ESV) After all, life is without challenge if there are no sufferings along.

Ordeals do not stay forever. They also pass away. They can cripple us sometimes but can never kill our spirit and determination. Think this line too: love is never a true love if you may end your life for it. Genuine love is insteada life-giving one; it does not short-circuit to what is from the Lord. Love does not contradict to God’s truth.

One last advice, if you are young and you fall in love, stay objective in your motives. You know why the Lord placed our brains in our heads and our hearts in our chests? It is because God wanted us to be reasonable at all times. Your logic must always be over and above your emotions. Often, our hearts are sly and deceptive. Hence, God gave us a brain to be a good balance to our changeable heart. God bless you.