Giant garbage patch in the Pacific Ocean PDF Print E-mail
Thursday, 26 April 2018 11:55

By Remedios F. Marmoleño

Tuning to cable news every morning gives me an update of what has transpired overnight in our world – who Trump has fired from his staff or who has been the latest victim of Duterte’s foul mouth. Of course there are other more important things to be updated on but these two personalities (characters ?) usually provide the juicier items.

One situation that I commented on in an  earlier piece was how the residents of Capetown, South Africa  are coping with the serious  water shortage in that country. We can commiserate with them but we have our own difficulties in our city – diminished water supply over the past several months because of the upgrading of our supply system; and then there is the perennial problem with our electricity which has been around since forever.

This morning’s news on cable and the Internet that shook me up was about the Great Pacific Garbage Patch. This is a floating patch of plastic trash in the Pacific Ocean that  is said to cover  twice the area of Texas or three times the area of  France. With the news of environmental abuse in Boracay, Panglao, etc. and now this, one wonders what is in store for our planet. Or perhaps one need not wonder – we can say with strong conviction that this planet will no longer be the ‘wonderful world’ that Louis Armstrong sang about.

People in my generation perhaps don’t have to fret about the future of the planet as much as those who are younger and who expect to live on this planet for another 30 years or more. However, all of us, young or old, can begin to think of how we can treat this planet more kindly at this time so that it continues to be a habitable world for the many generations to come. How can we do this? I would like to suggest developing certain attitudes and steps that are more friendly to our world.

Can we not think of our planet with a more proprietary attitude? Not just simply owned by man, in a generic sense, but owned by each person? We are  normally more caring towards what we own, making efforts to take care of them and making them last for as long as possible so that we can continue to enjoy them.

Can we strengthen our belief that the planet is affected, in a positive or negative way, by our chosen lifestyle? Our actions affect the health of this planet. So our ways of doing things should be those that ensure the longevity of its health. Conserve resources. Preserve the beauty and health of our surroundings. Be careful with the gifts of the planet for they are not infinite in supply.