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Los Angeles, CA. — Because good people abound in blessings, nothing tragic happened to Madam Beng and Señor Celso when a substandardly constructed walkway in Rio Hondo gave way, sending them and a horde of others swimming for their lives as they waddled like ducks in the filthy, blackened with mud and human excreta sea water. Hours, or even days, after that awkward incident that took the grace out of the haut monde that prompted Rep. Benitez, chairman of the House committee on housing and urban development, to call for an investigation of the ramshackled bridge contractor and the National Housing Authority, covetous people still made fun of the situation and called it karma, of sorts. Huh? Have they no cause for pity, hard-hearted as they are, for the unfortunate incident? Could you imagine what could happen to Zamboanga if the fall was tragic and we’d lose in a split of a second two of our great leaders?

But, anyway, taking in salt water mixed with microorganism evolving from years of unkept environmental habitat that probably only “Thanos” could survive can cause illness to one’s body of indescribable proportions. Like CHOLERA.

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Almost two years ago, I wrote a piece about the humanitarian efforts being undertaken by Mayor Beng four years after the violent siege of Zamboanga by men of  Prof. Nur Misuari. I am reprinting excerpts of that article below:

“Barely reaching her womanhood, Maria Isabelle G. Climaco-Salazar has already entrusted her future to the Zamboanguenos. There was no retreating from the time her father, Jolly, convinced her to leave the convent for her present resolute position. She has dedicated herself to the service of the people scared of their uncertain future.

“Unity is an abstract word that defies exact definition. The Lobregat Empire used it to embrace a unique political strategy that put together a bunch of untested young idealists mixed with veteran lawyers and educators in the name of progress and development. One of them was Beng. The other two were Celso and Erbie (Fabian). Those who feared the dominance of the disillusioned sector brainwashed by their leaders as having been socially ignored for decades by the national government rallied behind the Lobregat Empire for security and protection. It is said that great women and men are products of legends as well as facts.

“And, so, the engagement of the niece of a legend begun with her election to the City Council for three consecutive terms. Having been elected as the vice mayor and congresswoman,  Madam Beng has been touted to be Celso’s designated successor — a potential mayor of a people always idolizing women and men of exceptional backgrounds, a political doctrine rooted in by Cesar C. Climaco and Mrs. Maria Clara L. Lobregat.

“Beng, et. al, saved the beleaguered City of Zamboanga from the raging, bloodthirsty terrorists belonging the rebel faction of Mr. Misuari. September 9, 2013 was a bloody event that snared the lives of many soldiers and innocent civilians. Civility and a drive to build back Zamboanga from the gallows of destruction and economic chaos spared Zamboanga from suffering the JOLO EXPERIENCE in the 70’s that started the SULU EXODUS to the promised land of Zamboanga. We have, thus, survived an attack on democracy and freedom from a ruthless bunch seeking independence and self-rule.

“Housing the homeless Muslims is justice rendered unto them. Nothing political,  only humanitarian. No war, no matter how small and insignificantly inspired, is permanent.  Beng denied the form of anarchy drawn by the rebels and by the verbal abuse of her detractors. From those ugly reverses, we rose as we were led by a dedicated young and vigorous lady.

“Breaking tradition, her second inaugural was held at the corridors of City Hall. Her re-election in office in one memorable sentence: “We survived the agony, we passed the test.”

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