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Thursday, 10 May 2018 12:05


When was the last time you saw your girlfriend, relatives, and friends from afar? When was the last time you swam and fed the fishes around you? When was the last time you rode on a horse, carabao or cow? And when was the last time you smelled the fragrant scent of flowers and saw fireflies hovering around them at night?

There are times in our life when we should not always take seriously our office works and other miscellaneous matters. We must not forget that life is short and we must enjoy it while we’re alive. And the only time when we could free ourselves from the strains and stresses of our monotonous way of life is by going on a trip—a short vacation. It recharges our body and spirit and it further educates us.

As psychologists would say, travelling is 90% education and only 10% is what we get from our classrooms. Nature always wears the colors of the spirit. As writer John Lubbock wrote, “The earth and sky, woods and fields, lakes and rivers, the mountain and the seas are excellent schoolmasters, that teach us more than we can learn from the books.” This is a truism in life. One who often travels becomes a very knowledgeable person, understands the many idiosyncracies in life and becomes very considerate in understanding the many peculiarities of human behaviors.

After taking a long vacation, I was elated to hear that the city government is sending a team of city councilors to Puerto Princesa and Panglao, Bohol to visit and observe how their governments are operating and maintaining their tourists spots. We could learn many things from these island tourist spots and come out with new ideas in developing our own tourist resorts in the eleven islands and Sta. Cruz Island. These places really lack the amenities and transportation to cater to local and foreign tourists, to include local residents who have not yet come to see these places.

Aside from these islands, we must also study the possibility of developing our mountain areas in the west coast where the temperature is cold and very similar to that in Baguio and Tagaytay. The area is very ideal for ecotourism projects such as the establishment of a zip line for the daring, long and winding mountain trails for mountain climbers and bikers. We can also construct tourist cottages and restaurants to cater to tourists who decide to stay in the area for days or for a week.

We cannot just rely and copy other beach resorts in the country because of security reasons. Who would dare go to the eleven islands or even to Sta. Cruz Islands when the beach goers are banned from bringing beer or liquor? When its toilets are very dirty and their smell rises up to high heavens? When they are required to leave the island and go back to the city before two in the afternoon because the water current past this time becomes strong and goes beyond three knots.

If we cannot develop other areas for our local and foreign tourists, we cannot expect them to come, visit, and stay in our city. Actually tourism is dead in Zamboanga City. Once the “Queen City of the South” and “The City of Flowers”, it is now being left behind by other cities in terms of the number of tourists arrivals. The reason is very clear: our city doesn’t have any interesting place to see, relax, and spend a vacation.

MISCALLANEOUS: Happy Birthday to Ms. Araceli Wee, the patient and loving better half of Lepeng Wee, who’s celebrating her nth birthday tomorrow, May 11. Wishing you all the best in life: good health, happiness, prosperity, and many more birthdays to come. Again, Happy Birthday.